ACCRINGTON Stanley have been fined £7,000 by the EFL as a result of having four games called off in October last season due to a coronavirus outbreak at the club.

The Reds had 19 positive cases for COVID-19 among the playing and management staff and had to isolate for the required period, following Public Health England and the EFL's COVID-19 protocols.

In a statement the club said the fine would be taken out of the money distributed to clubs every season.

Stanley owner Andy Holt admitted the punishment was difficult to accept, but he felt left with little choice,

"We got told we were being investigated for COVID-19 and the EFL have fined everybody who had to postpone games," he said.

"I said I didn't agree with it at the time and I don't now.

"I was battling to keep the club afloat, like many owners, and we wanted a 'well done' for getting through a tough period, with many clubs at risk of going under, rather than face fines.

"We had little income, no fans and the EFL thought it was fit and proper to fine us, which I find hard to take.

"I never really wanted to own a football club but this really does make you think about it. I have been putting money in over the pandemic to keep Accrington Stanley alive and then we get fined.

"It riles me as I don't want to pay but I have no choice as it comes out of our distribution.

"If I didn't agree to pay it then it would go to a hearing and we would be forced to pay more so, even though I don't want to, I have to.

"To quote the EFL, if we don't agree, we can challenge it but we will lose around 15 times more. This annoys me. You agree or they use funds that should be distributed to clubs, to fight against their own clubs."