Tony Mowbray has had no guarantee of any money generated by a potential sale of Adam Armstrong being reinvested back into the team.

Money is tight at Rovers this summer despite the departure of 11 players from last year’s squad, with Mowbray only expecting to replace a handful of those, and most likely with loan deals.

The future of Armstrong remains in the balance with a little over a month remaining of the transfer window, with Rovers holding out for £20m for their star striker.

Mowbray says he would have ‘no issues’ in selling the 24-year-old, but that Rovers aren’t factoring a potential sale into any of their transfer plans.

He told the Lancashire Telegraph: “I think we have to do that because there’s no guarantee of a percentage of what we get for Adam coming back into being reinvested into the team.

“We have to wait and see. If Adam gets sold then I will ask the owners what we can take back from that deal."

Mowbray says would have 'no issues' with selling the 24-year-old - but the prospect of only being able to bring in loan players this season is something of a frustration.

The manager has talked long and hard about 'a journey' and 'building a club' during his time in charge, and he accepts that the prospect of only adding loan players to his squad this summer isn't part of any long-term thinking.

Armstrong was brought in for an initial £1.75m from Newcastle United in 2018 and has put himself in the frame for a move to the Premier League after netting 46 goals within the last two seasons.

His pathway is one that Mowbray hopes can be replicated with other players at the club, having focussed his recruitment largely on young players.

Rovers have five weeks of the transfer window left, but are yet to add to their squad this summer, and Mowbray said: “My frustration is that I’ve talked to you about building a club, but you can’t build a club if you’re only signing loans.

“You have to sign players and polish them up.

“I’ve got no issues with selling Adam Armstrong because we buy him for a number and then sell him for multiples of that number, we reinvest that money and buy some more young players and make them better and then keep building your club.

“That process isn’t finished because we don’t know what will happen if we sell Adam, we’ll ask the owners what money would be available.

“Those are the situations for us and we’ll see how we get through the next five weeks before the window shuts and get this group some help.”

Rovers have rejected one bid from Southampton for Armstrong, but with no conclusion on the horizon, Mowbray says Rovers can't factor his potential departure into their thinking.

That comes amid comments from Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl that his club are now focusing their summer transfer business on adding another full back, central defender and central midfield to their ranks.

“It’s very difficult to plan, we’ll plough on and try and give this group some help because it’s not easy," he explained.

“We’re generally looking at loans and they’re generally playing for their clubs and time will dictate when their senior players come back and when their young players can go out on loan.”