Rovers’ accounts have shown a share allotment of close to £30m – the first of its kind in almost six years.

The share allotment in the club accounts has risen by £29,583,000 in the last week, with the last, and only previous allotment of £146m coming in November 2015. 

The football club accounts for the year to June 30 2020 are still to be published, but the club expect to do so in the coming days.

All other previous share allotments have been done in the accounts of Venky’s London Limited, the parent company of the club which owns a 99.99 per cent stake.

This allotment won’t feature in the upcoming accounts, but is understood to have an impact on Financial Fair Play, as Rovers bid to avoid any breaches of Profit and Sustainability Rules, their projections having been submitted to the EFL in March.

It is unclear whether the owners have opted to condense loans owed into shares, or whether the shares have been bought outright.

While the club are yet to publish their accounts they are understood to have made the June 30 deadline, however, delays in the publication on Companies House because of the backlog owing to the coronavirus pandemic might not see them made available until the first week of July.

The total number of shares allotted in the Rovers account now stands is £176m, while for VLL it is £202m, with just shy of £5m having been added in May.

The accounting year for VLL runs to March, with the most recent set to 2020 showing losses of close to £21m.

Venky’s have used share allotments throughout their time as owners, with a minimum of two a year throughout their 10-year tenure at Ewood Park but in the VLL accounts set up on their takeover.

The last, and only previous share allotment, in the Rovers accounts are dated to November 2015, a month before the club saw their previous transfer embargo lifted.

The latest share allotment comes ahead of the June 30 cut-off point for the 2021 accounts which will have to be published on Companies House by March 31 2021.