In the week that Tony Mowbray says his departure isn’t inevitable, we asked our fans’ jury: ‘What do you think the summer holds for top scorer Adam Armstrong?’


For some weeks now Mr Mowbray has been preparing the fans for the departure of Adam Armstrong. His latest “we would like him to stay” is a lukewarm sentiment that hides a multitude of sins.

If I was a rival manager and analysed the comments coming from the club about Adam, then I would have no doubt that the striker is available for transfer at the right or even the wrong price.

I don’t believe for one moment that it is up to the player himself. Rovers patently want to cash in on his talent whilst he is in top goal scoring form. The player and his agent will also have noted the constant ambiguous comments and will probably act accordingly.

It may well be that Adam is destined for and capable of Premier League football and he certainly is not going to achieve that within the current Ewood set-up.

The manager says “let’s wait and see”. I say that’s simply not good enough.

Paul Yates


I think it holds a lot of excitement for Adam Armstrong, With 24 goals and counting this season he certainly deserves an opportunity to test himself at the highest level. 

Considering he’s scored those goals for Blackburn Rovers too rather than a club at the top of the league, that’s an even more impressive tally.

In his time with us, He’s really developed into a top player and improved his game in many areas and I would not begrudge him a move.  I actually think until recently, he became too transfixed with becoming the division’s top goalscorer and snapped at chances and tried too hard, rather than relax into his normal game. 

Not only was it reassuring to see his hat-trick, but also his involvement in the other two goals which shows he’s more than just a goalscorer and reverted to his natural game again. 

Of course it’s a concern him leaving, but what often happens is another player steps up from the shadows to take on the responsibility left by the void of the previous talisman, as Adam Armstrong did himself with the injury to Bradley Dack. 

I’ll be watching Adam Armstrong’s progress with interest and hope that he continues progressing into the top player that he’s shown in his time with us.

Kelvin Wilkins


A deserved transfer to a Premier League club in my opinion. His head has been turned but it didn’t drop and he continued to score goal after goal for us so he deserves it.

The money we get less the sell on fee however MUST be spent on strengthening the whole squad as it will be rather threadbare when the on loan players return to their clubs and the out of contract players get released.

He will be tough to replace obviously but Jordan Rhodes is available on a free transfer to name one possible replacement.

Andrew Robinson