Rovers have issued a statement outlining their 2019/20 accounts were submitted to the EFL by their March 1 deadline.

The club says their accounts for the year to June 30 2020 will be filed before the Companies House deadline, in line with the three month approved Government extension.

That will give the club until June 30 this year to submit their full accounts and fall within Profit & Sustainability rules, which would alleviate the prospect of any embargo impacting on the summer transfer window.

Reports named Rovers as one of 10 Championship clubs to have been placed under a registration embargo, and while others have confirmed that relates to the timing of filing of their accounts, Rovers say that isn't the case.

A club statement read: “Blackburn Rovers can confirm that it submitted its 2019/20 statutory accounts to the EFL by their deadline of March 1 2021.

“These accounts are currently under review by the EFL, along with the club’s Profit & Sustainability submissions for the current year, for which we have until June 30 to meet our financial projections.

“The 2019/20 statutory accounts will also be filed with Companies House by June 30, in accordance with the extended Government deadline.”

Companies House normally allow nine months from the end of the accounting year, in Rovers’ case June, which would mean their accounts would have to be with them by March 31. However, owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the Government granted a three month extension for the filing of accounts.

The filing of those accounts, and meeting the P&S projections, would alleviate any threat of a transfer embargo ahead of the summer window.

As per the EFL regulations, clubs in breach of Section 16 rules relating to the late filing of accounts, or indeed breaking P&S rules, could be subject to ‘a registration embargo’.

That would mean would clubs would ‘not be permitted to register any player with that club without the prior written consent of the league until such time as the breach identified by Regulation 16.6 has been rectified in its entirety to the league’s satisfaction’.

Coventry City, also among the 10 clubs listed in a national newspaper report, confirmed they have been placed under a transfer embargo, but hit out at the ruling of the EFL.

“The Government, due to the Coronavirus crisis, allowed companies to extend the deadline to file company accounts by three months and Coventry City chose to take up this option,” the Sky Blues said.

“Unfortunately the EFL has decided not to replicate this extension within their own rules, which surprises us as they have amended a number of other rules due to the Coronavirus pandemic.”

Luton Town, another club listed in the report, add the implementation of an embargo is ‘an anomaly brought about by an unsynchronised timing of financial reports due to the pandemic’ and wouldn’t affect the day-to-day running of the club.