We asked our fans’ jury: “What do you feel is riding on the final eight games for Rovers, and what do you want to see most from them?”

Obviously as many wins as possible but that goes without saying. A lot of the games have something riding on them as we are playing teams who are fighting for survival or teams that are fighting for a play-off place so every game will be a challenge.

The players who are approaching the end of their contracts will have a point to prove either to earn a new deal here or to put themselves in the shop window for a move elsewhere.

Touch wood we will get two or three more wins to make sure that we don't get dragged into an unlikely relegation scrap.

Andrew Robinson


Well I think the 50 point target has to be the first priority. Preston North End are a mere two points behind Rovers and they are panicking about the threat of relegation, so we should not make assumptions that we are safe.

I would like to see a settled team with some fire and aggression in its belly and made up of players performing in their favoured positions.

You have to wonder about the manager's future at the club as his comments in recent weeks could have been interpreted as mischievous and negative. He seems to be almost inviting clubs to bid for Adam Armstrong and was I dreaming when in a TV interview he said he ‘wasn't interested in defending?’

Perhaps Mr Mowbray has taken the team as far as he can and has started to lose his enthusiasm and passion for the club. I don't want a father figure for the players but someone who can mould good individual players into a well-balanced team of professionals. Otherwise we will continue to tread water and have more seasons of deja vu.

Paul Yates


The next eight games are going to be underwhelming as football thrives on purpose and direction and we have neither of those in our current position.

I would start building for next year - deciding how we're going to play, which players will be the key components and playing them. I would give young fringe players, the likes of Buckley, Davenport and Dolan a consistent run of games and play Rankin-Costello in his favoured advanced role.

I'm not an advocate of playing Gallagher through the middle as I don't think he's the target man he should be, but I'd try it and persevere to give him the chance to establish himself there as he has all the physical qualities to make it his own.

Without pressure, maybe we can play some attractive, progressive football rather than see the season just come to an early end. 

Kelvin Wilkins