Sean Dyche believes there can still be late twists in the relegation battle as the Premier League season moves into the final 10 games.

The Clarets sit four points clear of the relegation zone ahead of their trip to Everton later today (5.30pm) – with that cushion having shrunk considerably thanks to Fulham picking up 12 points from their last six games.

Scott Parker’s side had looked doomed to the drop a few weeks ago, but Sunday’s win away to Liverpool brought them level on points with 17th-placed Brighton.

Dyche said the Cottagers’ form highlighted the sort of change in fortune which can come for any Premier League side, but warned Fulham that their task will only get harder.

“The psychology changes,” he said. “Fulham have gone from chasing it, saying, ‘Let’s just take it on’. All of sudden now people are expecting you to win games.

“They’ll have to consider or analyse that, it’s up to them. We have a belief in what we do internally and we try to be balanced about external views.

“Fulham have earned the right to change that thinking. The thinking does change and now we almost expect them to win games.

“It can vary so much in a season. It was the opposite with Southampton who were flying and then all of a sudden hit a tough run. Generally speaking, you wouldn’t have called that.

“It shows how tough the Premier League can be when it can happen to even Liverpool, or Manchester City last season. It can happen to anyone. You have to earn your right in every game you play in.”

A point from Burnley’s 1-1 draw with Arsenal last weekend took their total to 30 from 28 games – on track for the usual marker of 40 in the relegation battle, although Dyche insisted he did not have a points target for the season.

“We’ve always used an idea that if we get to 40 (points) quickly then you open your mind to the challenges that come next,” he said.

“Certainly that’s what we’ve done last season with a strong run at the end against all odds, and in the European season.

“We certainly don’t set a goal of being just that – we don’t say we want to get to 40.

“Our goal is to push to 40 quickly and then take the next challenge. I think we’ve done that well historically.”

He added: “This season has been tougher with injuries.

“Without the injuries, I’m not saying we’d be 20 points up the league but it’s got to improve your chances.”