Four students from the Cheongye Kwan School of Korean Martial Arts, based in Much Hoole, Preston, have become the first group of people within the association to pass the coveted Black Belt since the school opened four years ago.

Tom Mayor (14), Chris Taylor (30), Dave Scott (21) and Phill Lowe (20) successfully completed the rigorous two-hour testing exam to pass out the other side with flying colours.

"Along the road that Martial Artists have to travel, each student must learn to overcome a number of personal difficulties and barriers, and only the select few, with the discipline to persevere will succeed in making the grade", said the student's teacher and the association's chief instructor Master B Peake, who is the current Great Britain Technical Teams head coach for the British Taekwondo Alliance based in Bristol, under the guidance of 6th Dan Master, Christopher Davies.

The Cheongye Kwan Martial Arts School is a system of Korean based disciplines, designed for people who want to join a classical, yet modern Martial Arts system.

Benefits include all the usual things associated with this form of training, but at this school, the focus is on the mental and spiritual development of its members, concentrating on each students character and personal growth, as well as their self defence and fitness skills.

Further information can be obtained by visiting the schools website via the link below or by calling the association's secretary on 0796 359 9591.

Classes are held Much Hoole Village Hall on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7.30pm till 8.30pm and ages start from five years old. Classes for all.

The students are festured here in this picture selection.