We asked our fans’ jury: “Do you believe the play-offs are an unrealistic aim now, and if so, what do you want to see from Rovers in the remaining 17 games?”


After a loss it feels like we're down and out but similarly, following a win there's a feeling of promise and optimism. With our recent form it's easy to be pessimistic but football works in strange ways and you never know what's around the corner.

Of course the playoffs are looking increasingly distant with the losses that we've suffered recently and the lacklustre performances haven't inspired much confidence but I refuse to just lose all hope.

As for the next 17 games we need to try to enjoy our football as we will perform better without the tensions that are evident in the way we are currently playing. 

Kelvin Wilkins


The idea that Rovers might reach the play-offs is laughable and I'm more likely to believe there are fairies at the bottom of my garden.

When you think of current performances the song "dazed and confused" springs readily to mind. The bewilderment and panic mode adopted by the players seems to indicate serious problems off the field and behind the scenes.

I would like to see a manager with some fire in his belly, some energy, some enthusiasm, rather than an individual who lacks charisma and needs to get a grip.

Mr Mowbray appears to have reached his limitations and we have entered a cycle of soccer deprivation. If there was a football equivalent of foodbanks then Rovers should be first in the queue.

The Blackburn "rag, tag and bobtail" teams we witness week after week are far more likely to be looking over their shoulders at relegation but definitely not promotion. The glass isn't half full, it's running on empty.

Paul Yates


Absolutely no way whatsoever can we, or will we, do it. Every time we get within touching distance, we have a mental block. Just look at our record against the teams who are in and around the top 10 in the table, it's shocking.

For the remaining games it's a case of preparing for next season as I see it, give the players who are out of contract a chance to see if they are up to it, the likes of Elliott Bennett and Corry Evans.

We still though need a few more points to make sure we don't end up in a relegation battle.

Andrew Robinson