I have felt a great sense of conflict since the defeat to Preston and having had time to settle things do feel a bit more clear, writes Tom Schofield.

I have a huge amount of respect for Tony Mowbray, at a time when I was so disillusioned after the tenure of Owen Coyle, he turned it around and gave me a club I wanted to cheer for again.

He has overhauled the clubs scouting department which has seen the likes of Thomas Kaminski cement his place as one of Rovers many top-quality keepers.

He has the pulling power to bring in exciting young talents from England’s biggest clubs, Harvey Elliot has been brilliant to watch and it is a joy to see him flourish in blue and white, even if it is only going to be for the one season.

Mowbray has overseen one of my favourite periods supporting this historic club. Due to my age I was unfortunate to have missed Premier League success.

I was only four when we won the Worthington Cup so my memories of that are fleeting at best.

Despite the pain that came with relegation I loved our season in League One. Winning football matches, travelling to new grounds, feeling a real sense of connection with those on the pitch.

Time moves on though and so does football. I wrote in my last column that after a strong January some of the pressure has alleviated, seems I am a jinx because that pressure is now heavier than ever.

Despite that strong January we never actually played well and while it is a results business, it was scrappy and unpleasant to watch. A far cry from the side we saw light up the league early in the season.

I wouldn’t care about the style of football though if I felt like it would take us somewhere, it isn’t though and it won’t.

Mowbray looks a man bereft of ideas and confidence, a manager who isn’t sure what his best team and what system that team should play.

Against Preston on Friday there was no obvious formation, it felt like the players had been given a rough shape and told to just go out and play.

His substitutions were bewildering. Sam Gallagher had a stint at full back, we bemoan him playing on the wing, I just sighed at the prospect of him lining up as a right back.

It feels we are at a crossroads right now, in the summer Adam Armstrong will likely go. We have players reaching the end of their contracts and loan players who won’t be at the club beyond this season.

I said in my last column that after the January window there was no more room for excuses, and I stand by that.

I love Mowbray for everything he has done for the club, I will never forget the joy I have felt with him at the helm. Everything must come to an end though and I feel that time is coming.

I would hate for it to end on a sour note, he deservers more than that because he has done so much for this club, but things appear to be reaching a natural conclusion.