We asked our Rovers fans’ jury: Are you judging Rovers based upon Tony Mowbray’s top six ambition/expectation or your own?


I think Tony Mowbray’s top six ambitions reflect the ambitions of most Rovers fans.

We’ve not established ourselves as serious playoff contenders over the past few seasons but we have flirted with them.

With the squad we’ve now got at our disposal and the expectation for progression then anything but a serious foray into the playoff places would be classed as a disappointment.

While recent performances and results have been less than impressive, we are still capable of mounting a playoff bid - we just need to be more resolute defensively and free-flowing in attack but more than anything, we need to adopt an arrogance that we believe we’re good enough.

We certainly have the talent, we just need a run of wins as wins breed confidence.

Kelvin Wilkins


Fortunately I don’t view Rovers through rose tinted spectacles as Tony (“on the grass”) Mowbray may well do.

So unlike Tony I don’t have to find excuses for the lamentable mediocrity we are having to witness.

We were told to limit our expectations due to horrendous injuries to key players and now we are told those same key players are not up to scratch.

And of course we are such a superb footballing side that we are being hampered by a quagmire of sinking sand that threatens to engulf the likes of the super slim John Buckley.

Let’s not be positive, my expectation is for Rovers to continue to disappoint me in that they are complete masters of their current trade.

Every time we see the light at the end of the tunnel it is distinguished in another shambolic ninety minutes.

My feeling is that we will finish once more in mid-table because we are still a disparate group of talented individuals rather than a well-oiled machine.

I’d love to be proved wrong and in my dreams anything is possible.

Paul Yates



Realistically I’m judging them on my own expectations as I expect we will fall short just of a top six place but I hope I’m wrong.

Before a ball was kicked this season I thought it was nailed on that the three clubs who were relegated last season (Norwich City, Bournemouth and Watford) would be in the top six and so far they are.

That left only three spots to challenge for everyone else.

There are better squads than ours even though we have improved ours this season which has made it hard work.

In stating that Huddersfield didn’t have a great squad and neither did Sheffield United but they won promotion out of this league.

Consistency is the key and the only consistency that we have showed so far this season is inconsistency.

Andrew Robinson