Championship clubs are set to reject the implementation of a salary cap.

The issue was discussed at Tuesday’s meeting of Championship executives, but plans for the £18m cap are unlikely to get off the ground.

It is reported that almost half of the second tier clubs are objecting to the proposals, well short of the two-third majority that would be needed to push it through.

Rovers’ most recent accounts, which ran to June 2019, Rovers’ wage and salaries totalled £19.6m. That was before social security and pension costs which pushed it up to £22.3m, but does take into account 226 staff, not just the 81 defined as 'senior football players and management’, though only the players would count towards the cap.

Rovers’ wage to turnover ratio in the most recent accounts was 134 per cent.

The Daily Mail reports that a proposal by Brentford, Bournemouth and Norwich City said the introduction of the cap could 'end the Championship as a competition'.

The issue centres on the different turnovers between clubs, which can be vary by tens of millions, as well as increasing the gap between the Championship and Premier League, making it even harder for the promoted sides to compete in the top-flight.

It is suggested the move to a salary cap would create a more level playing field, rather than tackling the issue of profit and sustainability.

Ahead of project re-start, Rovers chief executive Steve Waggott called for a relaxation of those rules in a bid to help clubs through the pandemic.

That comes as QPR are said to have requested a reduction in their £42m sanctioning in 2018 for breaking spending rules when wining promotion to the Premier League in 2014.

Rangers are paying back around £20m over a 10-year period, though the club’s proposal to have that eased didn’t draw much support.