Good sides often don’t play at their best and still pick up three points, and in the two previous games that is exactly what Rovers have done, writes Tom Schofield.

As dangerous as we looked against the likes of Watford and Bournemouth, we left each game empty handed.

We shut down our laptops lamenting missed chances and wondering what could have been.

The past two games have a been stark contrast to that, we haven’t played as well but we have picked up six points and in the end that is all that really matters.

Despite that we can probably count ourselves a tad lucky, Millwall had three very good penalty shouts turned down in a game where the referee was poor.

His decision to authorise the clash of kits was just as bewildering, as was the decision not to book the Millwall player for hacking down Ben Brereton.

Generally, the referees in the league aren’t very good, but I’ll take decisions going our way after how enraged we were after the Luton game.

I’m of the opinion that these decisions do even themselves out over the course of the season, but I’d like to enjoy last night a little bit longer before that happens.

If we are to continue our hot streak in the next three games, we will have to be better. Games against Brentford, Bristol City and Norwich are going to be tough.

Victories in those games could really shape our season though and breed confidence through players and supporters alike.

How sweet it would be to be able to return to Ewood in the New Year with everything set nicely for a run at the top six. Fingers crossed that is exactly what happens.