We asked our fans' jury: How do you view the way that Rovers is being run as a club?

Well beggars can no longer be choosers. Despite all the disappointments and frustrations inherent at the beginning of the Venky's reign we are probably lucky that they are still backing the club.

The debt and status of the club is such that it is no longer an attractive proposition to any potential takeover.

Of course, we are where we are through the fundamental mistakes made when the Venky’s bought the club. They probably innocently took and acted upon advice from the wrong people, transforming Rovers from a role model for small town clubs to a laughing stock.

In recent seasons the club has appeared to be on an even keel reflected by having a reasonably stable management structure.

We can only hope that we will continue to move one step further in our return to the promised land which could be a financial lifesaver and a rekindling of the fans' dreams.

Paul Yates

I have never had a direct issue with the Venky's - more some of the people associated with their ownership. 

The Venky's were naive and for successful businessmen, I would have expected better business acumen and it took them a while to learn their lessons but the crucial thing is, that they have. They have followed this up by keeping a low profile and allowing the football people to do the talking and to represent the club. 

Meanwhile they have continued to support us financially which has enabled us to remain competitive. 

We only have to look at our neighbours in Bury, Bolton and Wigan to see how a club can implode and should be thankful that we are still afloat. 

The continued investment in our Youth Development Centre at Brockhall, which is a saleable asset, is honourable and as we have seen recently, reaps its benefits.    

Kelvin Wilkins

It is being run a lot differently now to what it was 10 years ago as we all know. If only on arrival they had sought the right advice from the right people and not those they did take the advice from.

The biggest mistake for me was getting rid of John Williams who has not been replaced by anyone fit to tie his shoelaces a full 10 years on from his dismissal.

The decade has been mainly low points with few highs but at this moment in time we are lucky that they have stood by us as there doesn't appear to be anything in it for them. We only need to look at Wigan Athletic to see what can go wrong if you have the wrong people in charge.

I think all in all they have realised they have made mistakes in the past like we all do but they are doing the right thing now and we should be grateful especially in the current pandemic.

Andrew Robinson

I would say Rovers are being run pretty well at the moment. Steve Waggott splits opinion, but I think on the whole him and his team are doing a great job in difficult circumstances.

Running a football club in the current climate can't be easy. We just seem to be getting on with it and we seem to be pretty stable.

There's stuff we don’t know of course, and that could all come crashing down if Venky’s decided to pull the plug. Right now though I can't complain at how we are being run. It is a far cry from how it was 10 years ago.

Tom Schofield