Do you share Tony Mowbray’s view that Rovers are on the right path and there’s reasons to be excited about this season?


I fully support this view and had this question come off the back of a victory then I'm sure the outlook would be much more positive. Standing back and looking at the bigger picture, we have a bigger, better and younger squad.

Armstrong is becoming the most potent striker in the Championship, Brereton seems to be fulfilling his promise and we are yet to welcome back Rothwell, Dack and Travis.

Sure, we have things to work on but it's exciting to see the players expressing themselves. It's also encouraging to see people recognising us as a promotion contender for the first time in a long time.

I just hope we can keep up the energy and optimism whilst addressing a few naiveties that are hampering us from really pushing on. 

Kelvin Wilkins


Well it's likely to be the ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ as the Joe Walsh song goes. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency is needed if "The Only Way is Up".

Every time I see a Rovers' defender make yet another schoolboy error, my blood pressure soars and I tingle with uncontrolled glee and excitement.

It matters not what the personnel of the team is, as the same scenarios are played out game after game. Every time you think we have turned the corner you are brought back to earth with yet another inept home performance.

The worry is that the talented newcomers will succumb to a culture of amateurish apathy and simply tread water until they move on or back to their parent clubs.

Incidentally, if I ever saw Mr Mowbray get excited then I might become just a little more optimistic.

Paul Yates


I think we're falling into the trap of overthinking things at the moment. We're scoring goals at great levels. Armstrong is on 10 goals in all competitions and we're free flowing moving forward. However, it's impossible to move forward without a solid and organised spine.

I agree with Mowbray that we're heading along the right path in general terms, but I do worry about our defensive frailties against any form of decent attack. Away from home we seem more confident and our play is more free and relaxed.

We need to get back to basics at the back of the pitch, defend in more numbers and perhaps accept that you can't always throw seven men into the opposition half and expect to not concede several goals. I'd like to see a more conservative approach against better sides for sure.

Is there something to be excited about? Absolutely. We've a striker who's in such hot form he's probably nearing a worth of £25m, we've got our star man Bradley Dack to return, and on our day we can blast a team 4 or 5-0. Let's remain patient, and enjoy the bits that are enjoyable.

Joe Harvey


At this present moment no I don't. If being on the right track is losing 50 per cent of your games I'd rather be off it.

When we win we look great but the wins so far have been against teams at the lower end of the table, when we lose we are rarely outclassed but teams are cleverer than what we currently are.

To go forward we need a settled side as there are too many changes happening and the start of a settled side needs to begin with the defence.

Darrah Lenihan who until the start of this season was totally reliable and dependable looks a shadow of his former self, was he tapped up by a bigger rival I wonder which has affected him?

A tough assignment beckons at Swansea and a ground that we have never won at, hopefully we will get one or two back who can make a difference and we will go again.

The big fear for me and many others is who will score the goals if anything happens to Armstrong, but touch wood it won't.

Andrew Robinson


I would say that we are at a bit of a crossroads to be perfectly honest. We undoubtedly play some attractive football and when it all clicks, we look unplayable. That doesn't happen often enough though.

The fact is, as comprehensive and impressive our victories have been this season, we only have 10 points. We need to tighten up defensively and make sure we have a plan B.

There is still reason to be excited and I still have faith that this could be a good season. The defensive mistakes need cutting out though or else it may be a disappointing season.

Tom Schofield