Tony Mowbray is more eager to see Bradley Dack back on the pitch than his TV screen, but the Rovers boss did admit to catching a glimpse of the new reality television show ‘Olivia Meets Her Match’ featuring his star man.

The eight-part series will document the engagement of Dack and his reality-TV star fiancée Olivia Attwood, the first part of which was shown on Sunday night.

Mowbray had planned on an early night after watching the Premier League game between Arsenal and Leicester, with the squad having been in yesterday ahead of Tuesday’s game with Reading.

But after being alerted to the fact that Dack’s new documentary was being screened, Mowbray found himself watching on, and gave his verdict on what he made of it at his pre-match press conference.

“I wasn’t glued to the television I’d actually gone to bed and then my phone pinged,” he said.

“ I don’t know how many hours I work, 12, 13, 14 hours in the building, and I’m generally really tired when I get back.

“I watched Arsenal v Leicester on the TV then went to bed, then my phone pinged, I checked the text and someone asked me if I was watching Bradley on ITVBe.

“I went on my phone and found myself glued to it for a little bit. God love him, eh.

“I’m more looking forward to him on the pitch with his boots back on than walking on the beach at Blackpool.

“We'll follow it. I’ll get it on my series link I think from now on. It’s not my type of viewing, generally when I get back I’ll watch any football that’s on the tele and then I need to sleep.”

Dack is closing in on his return to action having been out since December with a cruciate knee ligament injury.

He joined in with some of the squad’s warm-up drills on Monday and the hope is that he will be challenging for a spot in the first-team again next month.

Mowbray has long credited Dack as someone who loves the game and the manager knows any off the pitch commitments won't stop him from focusing on coming back in the best shape possible.

Turning the conversation a little more serious, the manager added: “As long as Bradley is focused on our football club, and it intimated in the bit I saw that like I’ve always said, from being a very young boy he’s smothered in football, loves football and is very passionate about football.

“He needs to really focus on his football career coming back from an injury and I’m sure he will be.

“He’s very intense around the building, he’s had his boots back on and doing the warm-up with us.

“I’ve got no concerns. Bradley loves the game, he’s not going to get sidetracked by some TV documentary about his marriage coming up.

“I know he'll be fully focussed on this football team and being the best version of himself on the grass.”