BURNLEY boss Sean Dyche says he makes no apology for showing his passion on the pitch - although he is sorry if his language causes offence.

Without fans in the stadium, pitchside microphones are picking up almost every utterance from players and management teams, and Dyche's expletive-laden rant at Raheem Sterling, following his foul on Lowton, went viral on Wednesday.

Sterling was seen standing over Lowton, ushering him to get up, to which Dyche responded with: "You spend half your life on the f****** floor son."

The clip was widely shared and viewed on social media - notably Twitter.

The Burnley boss said he was sorry to anyone offended by swearing but added: "I try to be authentic because it's the workplace. I don't think I should try to manufacture something different.

"But I apologise for the bad language - that's not a deliberate thing, that's just a passionate moment in time.

"If people hear things it's just me being authentic.

"If I tried to change things I think that would be peculiar because you’re not being yourself. So rightly or wrongly I’m trying to be passionate about the team, about wanting to win a game. That’s all it is. It’s certainly not playing to the camera. I would feel a bit weird doing that.

"I’m just endeavouring to deliver what I think we need to win a game, and that’s it in a nutshell. I don’t wish to offend anyone. You’d have to ask the fans but I think it would be weird if I was to shout ‘Hurrah!’ It would look pretty peculiar if I did that. – but maybe I should try it, just to see what feedback we get!

"Or perhaps I could try “We have to smash the Oiks”, in true Rik Mayall style form the Young Ones."

Although the challenge has caused injury to Lowton which will rule him out of tomorrow night's game at Newcastle United - at least - Dyche insists he does not have a problem with Sterling, or indeed the tackle.

“No, there’s no problem. I know what you’re alluding to. There’s a lot on Twitter about me having a go at him. The truth of it is, Ben Mee put a tackle in on a player and it made almost news that he had actually tackled someone," the Burnley boss continued.

“You can’t have it both ways. When a player puts in a challenge - I’ve got no problem with the tackle by the way, I wish tackling was more prevalent, I think it’s gone out of the game. I’ve got no problem with that. It’s unfortunate the player has got injured, let me make that clear.

“You can’t then not say anything when a player is standing over another player saying ‘get up, there’s nothing with you’. That’s wrong.

“I’m not having that, so that’s when you step in and go ‘no, no, no, fairs fair’. So there’s no crying over it, it’s just a moment in time."

He added: “Statistically, and it’s not my opinion, is that Man City give away a lot of technical fouls, so if that’s part of their game plan and style, that’s up to the manager and his team.

“That’s not my opinion on it, that’s just what I’ve been told as a fact rather than my opinion.”