Tony Mowbray accepts now isn't the time to be asking Venky's for increased funds to 'finish off' his squad as Rovers count the cost of the Government’s decision to push back the proposed return date for supporters.

Rovers said in a statement the club were at ‘a precarious point’ in their history after news the phased return of fans from October 1 wouldn’t be going ahead after a rise in Covid cases.

Thomas Kaminski and Daniel Ayala are the  two signings to date, strengthening in positions Mowbray knew were a priority, and while more incomings are expected before the October 16 deadline, he accepts the financial challenges the club is facing.

Mowbray’s budget was set following talks with owners Venky’s in the summer, and while he feels a few more additions would prove invaluable in their push for a top six finish, the manager will make the remaining money stretch as far as he can.

“I’ve told the owners that I feel we’re pretty close to being a good team but it’s a difficult time, and not the right time for me to be banging on about needing more money to finish this team off,” he said.

“It’s a time for thinking about people’s jobs and the whole climate around Covid.

“I don’t think I’d have been going back and asking for more, I don’t generally do that, we set the budget and I work within the parameters.

“At this moment we’re getting our heads down, working hard as a football team and if our supporters can’t come to the games then let’s try and give them a bit of joy on a Saturday, whether they’re listening or watching a stream, and they see their team working really hard trying to win football matches.”

Although Mowbray won’t be asking for an increase to his budget, he doesn’t foresee any chances to the already agreed cap to his spending this summer.

He ruled out a move for QPR left back Ryan Manning, believing Rovers would be priced out of any potential switch, but that is one position he is still looking to strengthen.

A move for a left back fell through last week, while James Garner opted for Watford over Rovers, with Mowbray keen to add another option in central midfield after the injury to Lewis Travis.

The manager says he will continue to work within the current parameters but understands the financial impact the decision not to allow fans will have on the club.

“My hope is that the football budget is set and we’re allowed to continue with the football budget we’ve got, but I don’t know the answer,” he added.

“As I keep saying to my CEO I’m not a businessman, I’m a football coach who works with players and creates an environment where they can come in and enjoy their football, learn and grow, but I understand the economics around football clubs.

“People come to work, they get paid, it’s their livelihood, and with no supporters it makes it very difficult to balance the books.

“At this moment I’m planning on the football budget we got and there’s a few weeks to go to see if we can improve the squad, but around all of that I’m aware that people’s lives could be affected by the lack of income coming into the business.”

Rovers were always expected to work with a smaller squad this season, after the departures of eight first-team players in the summer, with just two added so far.

The squad has been stretched with the current injury situation facing the club, with Mowbray believing new recruits are required to add a fresh look to the squad, and push those players currently occupying starting spots.

“Players have decisions to make, I’ve had a few conversations, even over the last day or two and trying to bring it together,” he said.

“Let’s see what drops in. We’re working on it, I don’t get particularly stressed on it, but I do know once the window shuts we’d like to have the best resource we can for the money we’ve got.

“We’re trying to fill in, not necessarily to improve the starting XI which we’d like to do of course, but creating competition with new signings.

“Sometimes someone coming in improves the one you’ve already got because their intensity increases because they see the competition, so we’re trying to add some numbers and hopefully the team improves.”