Tony Mowbray wants his players to seize the opportunity in what could be a life-changing few weeks for them and the club.

Rovers moved to within one point of the top six with victory over Bristol City, and with the two teams directly above them in the battle for sixth spot, Cardiff and Preston, playing each other at the weekend, opportunity could knock for Mowbray’s men.

They are yet to break in to the play-off spots this season, but have put themselves in with a shout over the course of 38 games in which they have amassed 56 points, just four shy of the tally achieved in the whole of last season.

Rovers have now spent nine seasons outside the top flight, since relegation in 2011/12, but Mowbray says it won’t be through a lack of trying if they fall short in their bid this term.

“We have to find some consistency and results and who knows? As I’ve said to them, if we have a good month it could be life-changing for them and their families, they could find themselves in the Premier League,” he said.

“If we have a good five weeks we could be in the Premier League and that’s a life-changing thing for lots of people.

“The results will take care of themselves as we go along. Whether we’re good enough or fall just short, we’ll see, but we have to enjoy the journey, stick together.

“Everyone has to be focused and that’s what we have to do at the minute.

“I try and find inspiration for footballers with my words and when you’re growing up as a boy you don’t dream of playing in League One, or League Two, you dream of playing in the Premier League at Old Trafford, at Stamford Bridge, that’s what you dream about.

“For footballers, their families, never mind the rewards and riches that comes with it, as I do at 56 talking to my kids about going to Anfield, when I played against Giggs at Old Trafford, you can’t help yourself.

“I say to these lads that you’ll be telling your grandkids about the day you went here and did this, this is what football is about.

“You have to try and get there and achieve so if that’s a motivation, either a personal one or for the fans and history of this club, whatever you want to use as your motivation, that’s what you have to do, whether that’s a greater one or a personal one, there’s an opportunity.

“Over 38 games we’ve given ourselves an opportunity and we have to try and grab it, and if we fall short, it won’t be for a lack of trying."