Chris Samba is determined to make it as a manager – but is just looking for a chance, at whatever level.

The former Rovers defender has spoken out about the difficulties and barriers he has found in his way in his quest to transition in to coaching after finishing his playing career in 2018.

Samba played 185 times for Rovers in the Premier League during a five-year stay, and has also played in Greece, Germany and Russia.

He has vast experience, but also ideas in which he believes can make him a successful manager.

“I’ve taken time to reset and decided it’s now time for the next challenge in my life. It’s here and I want to become a successful black manager,” he said.

“We have to think about the perception we were as a player ‘we were laid back, relaxed, the music we listened to, that some of us were flashy’.

“It’s a lot of things and that perception is not right, at the end of the day we just want to have a prove we can do the job and be good at it.

To change perceptions, he admits: “It will take time, courage, and a lot of people.”

Samba isn’t looking for pity, just opportunity, and admits there are positives and negatives to the ‘Rooney Rule’ with the EFL’s recruitment code made it mandatory from this season for its member clubs to interview at least one ethnic minority candidate in any recruitment process.

But Samba says he wants to be interviewed not simply to make up a quota.

“To me it’s more insulting if you just want to fill the quota. I want you to value me and my presence,” he told Sky Sports.

“If it’s just for the quota I’d feel insulted. I will say that I am in favour of it because it still gives me the chance to present to you who I am as a person.

“I’m in favour of it, but is it the best? If it’s just to get a couple of people of colour to get an interview and for regulation, then no.

“A lot of black, former players have given up pretty quick, saying ‘it’s not going to happen for us’.

“But you need people to go through that wall and the only way there can be more is if more take that challenge.

“Yes. How many foreign players are there in the league? There are many. How many black players in the league? Many of them.

“How many are managers in the league? Almost none.”

The 38-year-old believes he will have to start with a job in an Academy, believing reputation will count for little. His comments echo those of former team-mate Benni McCarthy who is also looking for a way back in to management after losing his job at Cape Town City last year.

He spent time at Rovers earlier this year, before lockdown hit, as he looks to gather experience to further his career.

But he feels an opportunity is all he needs to show his capabilities as a coach.

He added: “You must be prepared to start at Under-10s, Under-16s, Academy, and you will have to work.

“It’s not just that because you’ve got a name everything will roll for you. You need to earn all the steps. I won’t give up, that’s not me, I’m not someone who just gives up.

“I just want a chance and make the most of it. But it will take more than one person and more people trying to change that perception.

“I think I have a lot of ideas, but talking is cheap and I hope one day I will be able to showcase that.”