Football is back – almost – after the EFL announced a proposed re-start date of June 20.

Should the ‘strict’ provisos set by the EFL, and the Government guidance, allow, then the Championship will resume 104 absences since the last match, Rovers’ 3-0 defeat at Derby on March 8.

The world has changed in that time, and when it comes round to football returning, so too will the game.

For a start, there will be no supporters allowed inside the ground for at the very least, the remaining 108 Championship fixtures.

There will be social distancing in and around grounds, where possible, and the disinfecting of footballs.

While numbers are being restricted elsewhere, there is likely to be a change to the number of players in a matchday, rising from 18 to 20. That will comes as a result of the proposed change in number of substitutes allowed to be made in  match, rising to five, from three.

The EFL said ‘it was further agreed to consider changing regulations’ which come after the International Football Association Board (IFAB) made a temporary amendment to laws of the game.

The thinking is that with the final portion of the season being played in the summer months, and with a packed schedule likely, the change in substitutes allowed with ease the burden on players after the enforced break brought about by the coronavirus.

IFAB said the rule changes would apply to competitions scheduled to finish before the end of the year, but could come under review again to determine whether or not it will carry over in to next season.

Teams would be restricted on when to make those particular changes, with three windows throughout the game, as well as half-time, so to limit the amount of stoppages to matches.

Rovers had been going without any defensive cover on the bench in the weeks prior to the season being suspended, largely down to personnel following the injury to Derrick Williams and suspension of Darragh Lenihan.