Elliott Bennett feels footballers are working in a ‘safe environment’ upon their return to training – despite returning a positive coronavirus test.

The Rovers captain was revealed as one of three Championship players to have tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, after the players were tested for a second time on Monday.

That was despite Bennett recording his best ever fitness results earlier in the day, as Rovers trained for the first time since March 13.

Training protocols have been brought in by the EFL, which sees players having to adhere to 2m social distancing, as well as twice-weekly coronavirus checks.

The guidelines also extend to players training in groups of no more than five, travelling to the training ground alone, and having their temperature taken on arrival.

While Bennett said he was feeling fit and healthy, and showing no symptoms, he doesn’t have any qualms over the resumption of the season which is expected next month.

“Honestly I was in total shock. I didn’t think it was joke but I was like ‘how could I be negative on Friday but positive today?’ he told Sky Sports.

“I hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary. I did my food shopping wearing gloves, and staying safe.

“Thankfully I feel well.

“If this had happened three weeks ago, or before we went in to training, then I probably would have never known I’d had it because we never would have been tested.

“Fortunately we’re being tested twice a week, having our temperatures checked on a daily basis, you have to fill in a questionnaire before you even get to the training ground, you can’t go near anyone, you use your own water bottles and kit, you take them home.

“We’re in a really safe environment.”

Bennett will now be required to self-isolate, and won’t return to training with the remainder of the squad next Friday.

A number of Premier League players have raised concerns about returning to training, but Bennett says Rovers have done all they can to ensure the safety of players and staff has been put first.

“I think the majority of players are fine and just itching to get back to some realm of normality,” he added.

“While this whole situation I think the majority of players are happy and on board with the way that things have done.

“That’s great credit to the club, and I’m sure it’s happening across the Premier League and Championship, how quickly and how decisive they have been to make sure players and staff members’ wellbeing is being put first.

“Then it’s ‘can we get through the stages and get football back going again?’”