As self-interest proposals keep being put forward, what about one that could suit Rovers' bid for the Premier League? Here's Rich Sharpe's four point-plan.



We all hear about 2-0 being a dangerous lead, particularly away from home. But why should it not be an unassailable lead? You’ve worked so hard to get yourself in to that position, it should be deemed a victory.

Rovers have twice led 2-0 away from home, but not gone on to win, both against teams above them in the table.

So for the 3-2 defeat at Preston in November, and the 2-2 draw with Brentford in February, we think stopping the clock on the hour mark would be enough time to see how the game is going, and to call the game done there and then. Think of it like cashing out a bet early.

So Rovers should therefore be awarded four extra points for those two matches.



For a much fairer way of deciding the season, it would be to discount points won against teams in the top two (Leeds and West Brom), and bottom two (Barnsley and Luton), in the division.

Given they have lost away at Leeds and West Brom, who are yet to visit Ewood, where they lost to Luton but edged past Barnsley, who they also have to play again, Rovers would lose just three points.

The biggest hit would be to Cardiff City, who would lose a huge 16 points. Nottingham Forest would lose 14, Preston 11, Leeds 10, West Brom, Derby and Swansea 9, Fulham, Brentford and Millwall 8, Bristol City 7 and QPR 6.

We also believe the season should have been suspended a week earlier, so are calling all results in March in the Championship null and void.



No team in the division has had more penalties scored against them than Rovers, eight in all, level with Derby and QPR. Three of those (Nottingham Forest, Leeds and Preston) have come in one goal defeats, four have come in draws, with the others coming in a 1-0 win at Hull (which was saved) and a 3-0 defeat at Derby.

The one in the 2-2 draw at Brentford was a clear dive, while ones awarded to Huddersfield Town, Leeds United and Swansea City will go in the ‘debatable’ category.

Contrast this to PNE (Penalty North End) and their 10 successful spot-kicks, there’s a clear discrepancy here that must be addressed.

Using our formula, and HATE VAR analysis, (Hindsight, after the event, VAR) we have decided that penalties given to Huddersfield, Birmingham and Swansea shouldn’t count, and therefore be taken off the records, giving Rovers six extra points for these three matches.



We believe in the art of defending, and clean sheets are an essential part of the game. Who doesn’t like to walk away from a game satisfied their team hasn’t conceded?

Well we also think they should bring additional points. So for every clean sheet recorded this season, one point is to be added on to the tally, but equally, not seeing your side score is a real let down, so the number of times a side has failed to score should be deducted.

For instance, Rovers have kept 12 clean sheets, but failed to score on six occasions (discounting the Derby defeat), so would end up adding six points to their tally.

The rest are as follows: Leeds (9), West Brom (5), Fulham (7), Brentford (0), Nottingham Forest (7), Preston (-5), Bristol City (2), Millwall (5), Cardiff (2), Swansea (-1), Derby (-3), QPR (-5).

So now we move on to goal difference. We all know it can take teams time to settle in to games, so we think goals scored inside the opening 15 minutes of matches should be rewarded.

So by our formula, we believe those goals should count for double. For example, Rovers have scored 12 times inside the opening 15 minutes of matches, so have 12 more goals added to their goal difference tally.

Then because upholding sporting integrity is so key to the league, deducted from that should be the number of yellow cards handed out for unsporting behaviour.

That would see Rovers deducted one, to end up with an extra 11 goals added to their total.

From all calculations on GD the following would be added or taken away: Leeds (-1), West Brom (5), Fulham (1), Brentford (-6), Nottingham Forest (7), Preston (2), Bristol City (-1), Millwall (-1), Cardiff (0), Swansea (1), Derby (-1), QPR (-4).

Lancashire Telegraph:


That takes us to the final standings: 1: Leeds (67) 2: Rovers (66) 3: West Brom (65) 4: Fulham (63) 5: Nottingham Forest (53) 6: Bristol City (49) 7: Brentford (48) 8: Millwall (48) 9: Swansea (42) 10: Preston (37) 11: Cardiff (37) 12: Derby (36) 13: QPR (36)

Lancashire Telegraph:

Oh, and one final thing, we vote for the season to be curtailed and for the league, after these calculations be taken in to consideration, be done on a straight points-per-game method.

And as for next season, that can only start when Bradley Dack is declared 100 per cent fit.