The Rovers players returned to training yesterday where they were subject to the first of their twice-weekly COVID-19 tests.

The initial round of testing was carried out at the Academy base at Brockhall last Friday, with 27 players and 17 members of staff taking part.

All 44 individuals provided negative tests and were thus able to return to training as scheduled on Monday.

That was the first time Rovers had trained since March 13 when the season was first suspended, albeit observing social distancing and in groups of no more than five.

The players have been training at the Academy base, rather than their usual home of the Senior Training Centre, which remains closed.

The first of the twice-weekly tests were carried out on Monday, with the second one scheduled for Thursday. The results are expected to again be published anonymously by the league, 48 hours later.

After the first round of testing, two individuals out of 1,014 that were tested provided a positive result.

They were later confirmed to be from Hull City, who were then told to self-isolate for seven days.

A decision on the future of the Championship season is expected next week, with a 51 per cent majority needed to either play out the remaining 108 fixtures, or curtail the season which will be decided on a points-per-game basis.

It is expected that the vote will be in favour of playing on, with the season to resume at some time next month. The EFL board will meet again on Wednesday to discuss the next steps.

In a statement on Sunday, the league said: “The EFL will continue to make regular and relevant announcements as appropriate in respect of the testing programme to support competition integrity and transparency.”