Ian Woan was left “perplexed” by his positive coronavirus test, says Burnley boss Sean Dyche.

The Clarets’ assistant manager is asymptomatic but is now part-way through a seven-day isolation period with the players back in training at Barnfield.

Woan was one of six Premier League figures to be positive for Covid-19 in the initial round of testing, defender Adrian Mariappa among three connected to Watford.

Dyche’s right-hand man is feeling okay meaning the whole episode caught him off guard a little bit.

“I don’t think it is a shock or a surprise (that we had a positive test) because no-one knows,” said the Burnley boss.

“There will be loads of people walking around who don’t know if they have got the virus or not so I don’t think it was a major surprise in that sense because no-one actually knows until you get tested.

“The surprise was just that he was so well.

Lancashire Telegraph:

“We did the temperature tests before you can get in the training ground and you are not allowed in if your temperature is high. That was all clear.

“He is well in himself, he had no symptoms whatsoever building up to, or on the testing day, or when we got the results so I think he is a bit perplexed more than anything.

“I spoke to him yesterday (Wednesday) and he was still well.

“He was wondering if there might be a delayed period but so far he is clear of every symptom so it is just a case of getting him through the next lockdown period and getting him back on the grass when we can.”

Dyche believes six positive test results was a real plus point for the Premier League as they target a resumption next month under their ‘Project Restart’ plans.

The Clarets, 10th in the table, have nine games left to play.

Dyche said. “If there would have been 100, then I don’t know what would have happened then.

“But the fact is there was six out of 748 which is a very, very low number, probably lower than I imagined, just from the fact that because the news has been so powerful about this virus it’s almost in your imagination that every other person has got it.

“To have such a low number surprised people in a commonsensical way and in a positive way with the idea of getting football back on track.”