The Football Association is consulting with teams in the FA Women’s Super League and Women’s Championship about the possibility of terminating the 2019/20 season.

The top two tiers of the women’s game have been suspended since March, while all divisions below that have since called time on the 2019/20 campaign.

If ending the season is viewed as the ‘most realistic way forward’ by clubs, the FA says the consultation will then move to deciding what outcomes for the season will best suit its member clubs.

Rovers haven’t played a match since February 23 in any competition, and have played the fewest matches of any team in the division. They sit seventh in the table, but only three points above the one relegation spot occupied by Charlton Athletic.

The Ladies are currently working with a skeletal staff in order to comply with FA guidelines, retaining the services of three members of staff, including manager Gemma Donnelly, as well as their strength and conditioning coach and general manager, to maintain contact with their part-time squad.

The FA says teams face ‘significant challenges’ in completing the current season, and says its priority is ensuring the long-term viability of the women’s game.

“Following an assessment of the protocols required to return to football and feedback from clubs, which is crucial to any decision-making process, it is clear that there will be significant challenges in completing the 2019/20 season,” a statement read.

“We're continuing to consult with the clubs on the possibility of terminating the 2019/20 season and, in the event it is decided that this appears to be the only realistic way forward, to seek views on the most appropriate sporting outcome for the season.

“Our overriding ambition is to give the clubs, players and stakeholders in the game the support and clarity they need during these challenging circumstances, and to help and enable women’s football to continue to thrive in the future.

“Although we understand that it will not be possible to find a solution that will work for every club and every player, it is our duty to help support the clubs through these unprecedented times.”