Rovers collected the thoughts of their title-winning squad throughout the course of the season, chronicling the highs and lows of the 1994/95 campaign that ultimately ended with lifting the trophy at Anfield 25 years ago.

One man was at the centre of it all, owner Jack Walker, whose vision helped transform the club and team in to one that would scale heights many thought would never be possible.

As well as the finance, there was a plan, and behind all that, was a man with great humility and fondness for the club he loved, and the people within it. And 25 years on, those part of Rovers’ title-winning squad acknowledged his immense contribution.

“Jack was Blackburn Rovers and what he gave the town in terms of hope and investment in the football club, he did what he said he would do, he won the Premier League title for Blackburn Rovers,” said Chris Sutton, whose £5m move in the summer of 1994 was a British transfer record.

Winger Stuart Ripley had been plying his trade in the second tier for Middlesbrough, prior to his Ewood switch, and added: “Jack was a great guy. He put his money where his mouth is and invested in his hometown club and he got the benefits of that. Clearly, a team like Blackburn Rovers wouldn’t have been able to win the Premier League without Jack Walker.”

It was the speed in which Rovers were able to move from second-division also-rans to Premier League champions within the space of four years, all made possible by Walker’s investment, that stood out.

“He was a lovely fella and it was fantastic, because it all happened so quick. Nothing would have been possible without the funding that Jack put in place and the stadium that he built, but I don’t even think Jack would have expected to win the Premier League in such a short space of time,” Mike Newell said.

‘Uncle Jack’, as he was to become affectionately known, lived out his dream, and in doing so, shared it with thousands of others.

The signing of Alan Shearer in 1993 was inspired, his 34 goals in the title-winning season saw him win the player of the year award, and played a huge role in the success.

He said: “This was his football club. He wanted it to be at the top and he got it there. That was his dream and that’s what he told me. When I first spoke to him, when I came from Southampton, that’s what he wanted to do – he wanted to put Blackburn Rovers right at the very top – and he did that.”

Shearer wasn’t alone in being sold a dream by Walker, and what he was looking to do at Rovers.

Colin Hendry said: “In Jack Walker’s wisdom, he invested, he paid the big bucks, but he sold the players and invested it back into the club and the stadium, gave the club back to the fans with the Premiership title and it’s a club that the fans and the people of Blackburn are extremely proud of.”

Behind the investment and the success was a man with a keen interest in all aspects of the club, not least the players.

“Jack was such a humble, really nice guy. He was just a normal person, who would come in the dressing room, but would never lay down the law to any of the players. He trusted us and the manager 100 per cent and he was fully supportive of what we were doing,” Jason Wilcox said.

“So to win it for him, after the investment that he’d made, both in monetary value and also investing in people, was just an incredible experience for the fans, the families, the people who had worked at the club for many years.”

Tony Gale said: “I’ve never known an owner be so proud of a team, because Jack Walker was Blackburn through and through. He was Mr Blackburn. Jack had a great affiliation with the manager and all the players, but he knew everyone within the ground and around the ground as well.

“I think Jack enjoyed that league title experience more than anyone. More than anyone, he deserves to be remembered for it.”

And all this led to the poignant moment on the final day at Anfield.

As Ian Pearce explained: “When I watched it back and the camera panned to him in the crowd, for someone who had put in so much effort and so much work and time into the club that he loved, if it wasn’t for him then none of it would have happened. That’s how big an impact he had.”