A meeting of the Championship managers this week should provide clarity on the next move for teams in the second tier.

Championship teams have maintained a stance of wanting to finish the season where possible, with nine games remaining.

Leeds and West Brom are doing battle at the top of the table, but the play-off scene is particularly condensed, with seven teams outside the top six still harbouring hopes of making a late push.

Down at the bottom, Barnsley and Luton have been cut adrift, but three points separate Charlton in 22nd and Stoke City in 17th.

Addicks boss Lee Bowyer has seen his side spend just six days in the relegation zone before the season was suspended, 24 hours before they were due to play fourth bottom Hull City.

Bowyer says relegation for Charlton should it be decided by points-per-game (PPG) would ‘kill our football club’ and is hoping the picture will become clearer when club bosses meet this week.

He said: "There is meant to be a meeting later in the week with the managers and hopefully someone from the EFL.

“To be called as it stands today would be scandalous, it would be wrong on every level. For us as a club it wouldn't be acceptable. I don't think they'll (EFL) give too much away because they never do.

"I think we'll be guided by what happens in the Premier League. We've only been in the relegation zone for six days for the whole season. If they had called it the week before, it would have been Middlesbrough in the bottom three.

"If they have to call it a day - the fairest way would be halfway through the season - so you're judging it when everyone played each other once."

Rovers currently sit 10th in the table, while a weighted PPG model of home and away matches would see them end in 11th.

Should Bowyer’s suggestion of taking the table as it stood after 23 games would see an eighth-placed finish for Rovers.

"I'd feel sorry for the teams at the top, Leeds and West Brom,” Bowyer told Sky Sports.

"It's a difficult situation. Leeds have worked hard and put a lot of money into it, they are reliant on promotion this season.

"Our league is so tight. QPR are only six points off the play-offs and could easily make that up. It'll be interesting to hear everyone's views on this call later in the week.

"I have heard other managers saying 'It would be wrong for us to be relegated'."

With clubs feeling the financial impact of the coronavirus, there has been discussion around the possibility of introducing a salary cap in the Championship.

It’s a concept Bowyer can get behind, with the current bottom three in the league having all been promoted from the third tier last term.

"Clubs might come together and say ‘look, we can't be in this situation again'. It might close the gap between top and bottom teams and they might start capping things," Bowyer said.

Stick a cap on players in Championship downwards. I think it would be a good thing and make it more even across the board.

"We played against one team this season and one player earned more than double our entire starting eleven, so is that fair? If the gap was closed it would be more interesting."