Rovers fans have been having their say on social media after the club announced its stance over season tickets, with the majority admitting they would turn down the offer of a refund.

With the season current season suspended indefinitely, doubts have been raised over the likelihood of playing the nine remaining Championship fixtures, four of which were scheduled to take place at Ewood.

Bristol City, Leeds United, West Brom and Reading are the four teams still to travel to East Lancashire, but even if the season does resume, with the EFL expected to make a decision shortly, it will be done behind closed doors.

That would impact on the 8,500 season ticket holders at Rovers, with supporters set to be offered the chance to watch matches through the iFollow platform.

Steve Waggott issued a message to season ticket holders through the Lancashire Telegraph: “I would just ask them to be patient with us and the best possible scenario for me would be if I could use that and just move it across and it be discounted against next season if they purchase a season ticket next year.

“That would help enormously in terms of cash flow, rather than having a big repayment going out of the club for season ticket holders who feel they haven’t had the last four games of the season, live and be able to attend.”

And now the fans have had their say…


Keep my season ticket money but don't charge me for Ifollow.

Cory @CoryCM1875


Think we've done alright in the past am sure the club will arrange a good deal

alan ford @alanford50


It seems, as expected, most fans are saying the same thing. I too have never hankered for a refund and wouldn't in the future. I'm happy to watch the remaining games if it completes the season. Maybe a half time rovers return ticket via some online platform?

Ian F @bluerover77


Keep my money 👍🏻🔵⚪️

Daniel Rushton @RushyBRFC


@Rovers you can keep my money, I wouldn't want any repayment, I know it isn't much but if it helps our club then keep it! 💙⚽️ #RTID

LJ @LiamBursnell


Just like to get my money from the Wigan game back and you can donate the rest to any charity you want

jayjay @rasty0309


Keep mine and my sons season ticket money, if it helps the club that’s good enough for me - no refund wanted here 🔵⚪️ #Rovers @Rovers



I don’t want any sort of refund, just some sort of nice gesture would do - I’d settle for a free pint! 🔵⚪️🍻 @Rovers #Rovers

Louise @LouiseD645



I’m really not bothered about a refund or it being carried over. I’d even pay my st money for next season even if they couldn’t guarantee us a full season  watching it at ewood . I’d do anything to help the club I love

Simon Williamson @SWilliamson_8


Keep the money or donate 50% to Blackburn Foodbank and/or Nightsafe

Mike Graham @miggybrfc


I think the majority of #Rovers ST holders will be ok to have discounts on next season's tickets to help the club with cash flow. However, some may be struggling financially and prefer to be refunded. When fans are allowed back to football, priorities may have changed for some.

Mark Whittle @MarkWhittle1


Seems very sensible. Most will understand. For those in desperate need, getting some cash back should be an option - but maybe without next year’s discount available. I’m certainly not looking for a refund. Happy to watch on iFollow.

Karl Turner @usefulkarl


I personally wouldn’t particularly be fussed about getting any money back right now! I would rather than club manage their finances (and be around for next season!!) and maybe next season those with tickets bought/ST for last few games this season get a discount

Alicia @liss_russ


As a non season ticket holder (live too far away), I would pay on top of my existing ifollow subscription to watch the games if it helped the club. I am sure 1000s would do the same thing if the price was right.

Chris Lord @chrislord


#rovers must make those funds available for those who really need them. We can’t be supporting the community through foodbanks and charitable donations and then denying refunds. The vast majority may not need them but some of our own will 💙

Linz @linzlewis15


Easy solution - just give those affected a discount on next seasons ticket or credit in the club store. I don’t think many would want a refund under the circumstances. I’m also not expecting any season ticket price increase next season 👌🏼

Chris Hutchinson @chrishutchy7


@richsharpe89 Or ask the fans... maybe give them 3 options - 1 discounted ticket next season, 2 refund if not renewing, 3 - no refund wanted thanks. I’ll choose option 3 all day and sign up for the new season as soon as they know we can

Hughesy @Hughesy84