ACCRINGTON Stanley chairman Andy Holt insists he respects Darragh MacAnthony’s opinion after the Peterborough United chief ripped into contemporaries in League One who he feels are trying to force a premature end to the season.

The Reds owner has made no secret about his fears about the economic consequences of completing the season at all costs, with the EFL proposing a behind-closed-doors plan.

MacAnthony – whose side are sixth in the table – has accused some of his other chairman of furthering their own agenda by suggesting the campaign should end now, with no relegation or promotion.

Speaking in his ‘Hard Truths’ podcast, MacAnthony delivered a blunt assessment of those who he accused of “hiding behind the pandemic”.

“I don’t like that message,” he said. “I don’t like that excuse and I don’t like the fact you are trying to hide your real agenda. You are bang out of order.

“I’ve seen people out there on social media, people I usually respect, saying the EFL should pay us to play these nine games, that we are not bothered about playing them and if we do play them we will use kids.

“These people should grow some ***** and say it for what it is. They’ve gone into self-preservation mode.”

MacAnthony did not mentioned anyone by name but fans online were quick to point to Holt’s comments in recent days and weeks.

Replying to a supporter on Twitter who commented ‘MacAnthony vs Holt’, the Posh owner said: "Absolutely no versus @AndyhHolt at all.

"I respect the way he runs his club, business and life. 99% of time agree with his well thought out arguments and thoughts.

"On this one not so much but when all is said and done, ill be first one to buy him a beer when I see him.”

Despite differing on what to do about the final nine games of the campaign, John Coleman's Stanley 17th and eight points clear of the relegation places, Holt echoed his fellow chairman’s sentiments.

“Listen, @DMAC102 has worked damn hard to get into a promotion position for @SkyBetChamp I’ve worked hard to get @ASFCofficial stable. I respect his argument,” he said.

After the two conversed further, Holt added: "They'd be surprised how much we agree on."