CHARLIE Taylor has discovered a new hobby as he looks to stay sharp while the country is on lockdown.

With the coronavirus pandemic having shutdown football at all levels for the foreseeable future, the Burnley full back is training at home to keep up his fitness.

The Clarets players are in touch with the club’s sport science staff as they tick over with Taylor having jumped on his bike as part of his programme.

That has become the focus of the 26-year-old’s daily allotted outdoor exercise with the roads of Yorkshire taking something of a hammering.

“We’re trying to stay fit – that’s the main point,” said Taylor, who has also set up a makeshift gym.

“It’s running or cycling really. Cycling is my new hobby at the minute, so I’m doing a fair bit of that.

“It’s a good distraction. I try to get on my road bike every day and just go out and do a few miles.”

Isolation means one key thing for all clubs has been keeping camaraderie high as players adapt to life away from their dressing room environment.

Taylor admits to missing the Barnfield banter at the moment as the players wait for the pandemic to be brought under control.

“Not being able to go out is the main one,” Taylor told the club website.

“Meeting up with friends and just being in training every day and seeing your team-mates and socialising with them, even if it’s just over lunch or breakfast in the morning.

“Having a laugh with the lads; being around it. You go from being with them every day of the year to suddenly locked down in your own home and not seeing anyone.”

Burnley’s season was brought to an abrupt halt after the 1-1 draw with Tottenham on March 7.

That saw Sean Dyche’s side move seven games unbeaten, the hiatus coming with them 10th in the Premier League.

Taylor, like almost all in the game, is keen to get back and play the final nine games as soon as it is safe to do so.

“We were on a really good run; seven unbeaten and some big teams in that run of seven games and some really good results and performances; the stand-out one being the Man United away, coming away from there with a result," Taylor said.

“Beating Leicester at home who are a top side (as well) and we should have got three points against Arsenal.

"We were on a really good run. Beating good sides and good performances as well.

“I think I speak on behalf of everyone at Burnley - we are desperate to get back and finish the season and see how far we can go.”