Lancashire are not planning to furlough their players as it would prevent them having access to staff helping them prepare for action later this summer.

Yorkshire and Worcestershire announced on Monday they were furloughing playing and coaching staff under the Government’s coronavirus job retention scheme due to the impact of the pandemic.

But Lancashire said yesterday they had decided not to follow suit.

“What has impressed me most is their willingness to get involved and help out in any way they can,” Lancashire director of cricket Paul Allott said of the players.

“The lads have been proactive in reaching out to other areas of the business and putting in time over and above their exercise programmes, whether that be making calls to members to check on their welfare or having an input into some of the content you will see on social media.

“We must take into account their mental well-being as well as their physical conditioning.

“We’re lucky to have a highly experienced sports psychologist in Lee Richardson, who has worked for the club for nearly a decade, who is in contact with all of our professional players.

“None of this would be available to the players if they were to be furloughed, and it is our intention not to do so, whilst keeping the situation under review.

“Ultimately, we have to ensure they are as ready as they can be for a cricket season to commence and we will continue to work towards that objective over the coming weeks and months. All of the measures that the club is adopting and implementing are fully endorsed and appreciated by the PCA.”

First-class cricket is currently suspended until at least May 28 with no clear indication of when the season is likely to get under way.