BURNLEY currently have no plans to furlough any of their staff with the coronavirus pandemic having shut down football in England for the foreseeable future.

Some Premier League clubs have turned to the Government’s job retention scheme that sees 80 per cent of wages – up to £2,500 per month – covered by the state as businesses battle with a severe loss of revenue.

On Saturday, Liverpool joined Newcastle, Tottenham, Bournemouth and Norwich in furloughing some non-playing staff.

But such was the backlash to the Reds’ move that the decision was yesterday reversed with the club admitting they had made an error in judgement. Burnley chairman Mike Garlick says the Clarets will not be going down the furlough route as things stand but did not rule out using the scheme should the suspension of football run deep into the summer months.

At the weekend, the Turf Moor chief warned of a £50 million shortfall in revenue if the season is not able to completed with supporters in grounds.

All clubs want to finish the current campaign but it could be behind closed doors.

“It is a conversation certainly we have had over the last week or so,” Garlick told BBC 5 Live when asked about furlough.

“We have taken the decision short to medium term that ourselves as a club, will fund non-playing staff going forward. We will not be furloughing them.

“Now, if we got to say July and the season hadn’t re-started and the next season isn’t looking as if it is going to start, that is a different position and we might have to revisit it then.

“But at the moment we are going to be funding that ourselves and are not going to be furloughing.

“I think if it was a League Two clubs I could get it, if they can’t find the money at the end of the month, and maybe they don’t have wealthy owners. My worry is if we don’t restart the season, we might get another Bury, and we mustn’t let that happen. That’s really critical.”