Steve Waggott maintains finishing the current season, whenever possible, is the fairest outcome for all clubs in the EFL.

The league took the decision on Friday to postpone the 2019/20 season indefinitely once the previous date of April 30 became unachievable.

The expectation of any football being played before June is now slim, as the country enters its third week of lockdown owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

Waggott has stressed a common sense approach is key, and admits that football is a drain on frontline resources that could be better served elsewhere.

The EFL has stressed that finishing the 2019/20 season, with Rovers having nine more games to play, is their priority with plenty at stake in terms of league positions for a number of clubs.

 And the club’s chief executive said: “My personal view is that we have to finish the season for the integrity of the league and the competition, for all those clubs who are the top, at the bottom, in the middle, we have to finish the season and adjust next season accordingly.

“Whatever we need to do next season, whether it’s more midweek games or we extend it in to next summer again, whatever we need to do it we have to do it.

“It’s not beyond us to stretch things and get things done, but we have to conclude it.”

An EFL statement on Friday followed a similar message from the Premier League that the possible resumption of matches will be taken based upon Government advice.

Games were initially postponed on March 13 through to April 3, before that was pushed back to April 30.

There is now no set date for the professional leagues to resume, and the EFL stated: “The situation will be kept under constant review with matches only returning at an appropriate point and based on the latest guidance provided by the relevant Government departments and health authorities.”

Given the desire to finish the season from all parties, it has raised the prospect of games being played behind closed doors.

But Waggott warned: “The game is made by spectator atmosphere and the fans who attend the games making that atmosphere for players to play in front of, but if this continues and social distancing has to go on for a little while longer then we might be in a position where the discussion has to be had about games being played behind closed doors and streamed in to living rooms just to try and get some sort of normality to say we’re resuming the service, not the way we would want it, but to conclude the season.”