Elliott Bennett wants to see the current season finished to a conclusion, whatever the impact it may have on the game moving forward.

The Rovers captain feels there is too much at stake for the season to be deemed void with nine games of the Championship season remaining.

And with however long it takes, the Rovers captain says the impact can be dealt with next season, not feeling the need to follow the traditional August-May fixture list.

The EFL joined the Premier League in indefinitely suspending the current season, scrapping the previous April 30 re-start date, but Bennett still wants to see the final nine games played, whenever safe to do so.

“Anything you start you have to finish, and this season is no different,” he said.

“I don’t think you can just write off a season. We’re in extraordinary times and you can never plan for something like this pandemic happening.

“Next season is next season, and if that means it starts in January or whenever it may be, it’s still going to be a whole, fresh season from that starting date.

“The American league plays at a different time, the Australian league plays at a different time, all these leagues around the world start and finish at different times.

“British football is played from August until May and we just have to adapt now to finish the season off, in my opinion. Whenever next season starts, it must start after this current campaign finishes. ”

Rovers missed the chance to move in to the play-off spots when beaten 3-0 at Derby before the current postponement of matches.

But still in the top six mix with games left to play, Bennett feels there is too much at stake to simply end the season now.

He told the club website: “You have teams like ourselves who want to get promoted and I don’t want this season to get written off.

“There are too many things to be finalised in all the leagues in this country, before you even start to think about next term.”