Steve Waggott says wages will be paid in full for as long as possible – but believes the club can play their part in helping owners Venky’s in the tough economic climate.

All Rovers staff were paid in full for March but the club’s chief executive hasn’t ruled out the possibility of player wages being deferred moving forward. With no games scheduled until at least April 30, a date which could be pushed back this week, clubs have been left with a shortage of income.

Rovers haven’t, unlike a number of Premier League and EFL clubs, placed any staff on furlough leave, but Waggott has stated the club will look at all Government schemes in a bid to continue paying wages.

India, home to Rovers’ owners, is currently in the middle of a 21-day lockdown, and exclusively funded by Venky’s, Waggott says everyone at their club can help see Rovers through the current uncertainty.

“New legislation is coming in from Government in terms of assistance for business, so we’re looking at every different aspect of how we can run the business going forward,” Waggott said.

Tottenham and Newcastle became the first top-flight clubs to put non-playing staff on furlough leave, with the Government covering 80 per cent of their wages to help limit the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

Championship leaders Leeds United announced last week the first-team squad, and management had taken the step of deferring wages for the foreseeable future.

“Everyone has been paid fully, playing and non-playing, executive and non-executive, through to the end of March,” Waggott continued.

 “It’s not just a world health crisis, which is paramount, but it’s also an economic crisis so owners of all football clubs who invest and do other things will be under duress.

“I have been in discussions with Tony every day on player welfare as well as the business side, and my view is that the owners have been very good to the club over the last nine years since they took over the ownership of the club and it’s now time for us to play a part and look after them a little bit as we go through a turbulent time. I’m looking across the board how we can pay all the people we can for as long as possible.”

The Rovers players are currently following Government advice and self-isolating at home, with Waggott reporting none of the squad have tested positive for the virus.

He told the BBC: “A few players with symptoms, they have been isolated and told to look after themselves.

“We have a doctor who monitors the situation, but they’re all well.”