Tony Mowbray says player welfare has to come in to consideration when the EFL decide what the future holds for the 2019/20 season.

Games have already been shelved for the next month, but the governing bodies have stated a desire to finish the current campaign, which could come behind closed doors.

Mowbray concedes the nation’s health must come before a decision on the football season, both current and future, but wants player fitness and recovery to be central to the discussions.

The EFL, in a joint statement with the Premier League, said last week games will only be played ‘when it is safe and conditions allow'.

The intention remains to finish the current season, with nine games remaining in the Championship, though that could see matches play well in to the summer months, and possibly behind closed doors.

Mowbray accepts there will be a small window in which to fit matches in, when the season does resume, and doesn't envisage a six week pre-season before his side plays again.

But he stressed that the workload of players must be taken in to consideration when discussions begin.

He told the Lancashire Telegraph: “All these things need to be discussed, the players’ welfare needs to be talked about, obviously not at the moment because the nation’s health is the most important thing, but for football, it’ll take care of itself. That’s what I’m thinking.

“We have to come out the other end of this pandemic and then when the world feels secure the football season can finish and then decide what they want to do going forward.

“Cleverer people than me will have the answers but at the moment we have to wait and see how long it will be before everything is under control.”