Rovers chief executive Steve Waggott believes Financial Fair Play rules should be relaxed to allow owners’ investments to help clubs through the current uncertainty.

Championship clubs are bound by FFP and the profit and sustainability model that restricts the level of investment that can be made by owners, with losses of up to £39m able to be recorded across a three year period.

Rovers are funded exclusively by owners Venky’s and Waggott has previously stated the club are ‘close to the threshold’.

They won’t be alone in feeling the pinch of the current lockdown, with revenue streams hit by the blanket ban on matches. With the season set to extend in to the summer, Waggott feels there should be a relaxation of the rules in order for clubs to continue operating.

He told the Lancashire Telegraph: “My view is that FFP and profit and sustainability model shouldn’t be applied this season because of the additional funding that may be required from owners that are needed by clubs.

“From my point of view we could potentially not take this season in to account, press the reset button from next season and start again.”

“Then using the two years from 2017/18 and 2018/19 season and then 2019/20 is skipped and start again in 2020/21 which becomes the third year for FFP.

“I think that would be sensible because any club who is relying on selling players before June 30, or doing various bits of asset management, that is going out of the window.”