Bradley Dack is eager for Rovers to continue their upward trajectory once the season resumes.

Dack will mark three years at Rovers in the summer and have gone from League One newcomers to Championship play-off hopefuls in that time.

The long-term ambition of returning to the Premier League is one that Dack is fully behind, and says no-one at the club is shying away from.

He feels the infrastructure is in place for that to happen and says under Tony Mowbray everyone at the club is buying in to that particular vision.

“It’s a massive club, one of the only clubs to win the Premier League,” he said of Rovers who he joined for £750,000 from Gillingham in 2017.

“You could tell from the first day I walked in the building, the training ground is really top standard, a Premier League training ground.

“You can tell the feeling around the club since I’ve joined is only on the way up. Everyone dreams of getting back to where they were.

“It will be a bit of a process, we’ve improved every year since I’ve been here and being this close to the play-offs this year is a weird one with the season stopping now.

“The aim for this club is to get back to the Premier League. No-one has made a secret of that and with the training ground, the stadium the fans coming back, it’s a club that’s only going to get back there.

“I believed that when I moved to Blackburn, there were a few other clubs in for me as well, but once I came here I made up my mind that this was the place for me.

“The gaffer, Tony Mowbray, sold it to me with what he was looking to do with the club I bought in to that and everyone he’s brought in has and you can tell the side is going somewhere.”

Rovers have been out of action since the coronavirus lockdown, with the training ground at Brockhall currently out of action.

It will be 12 weeks on Monday since Dack underwent an operation on the anterior cruciate ligament injury he sustained in December, and while he is progressing well, being unable to access the training ground has altered his rehabilitation.

“It’s been tough for everyone. Obviously I’m on a long-term injury at the minute so it’s been a bit strange for me not going in to the training ground and doing my normal gym stuff,” he explained.

“But I have managed to kind of keep it going at home so hopefully it doesn’t hinder my progress.

“It was an ACL, the kind of dreaded one that as a footballer that you don’t want to get so it was tough.

“It took a few weeks to get over it, but once you get your head around the injury and how much work it will take you take to get back, as a professional athlete you put all your efforts in to getting back.

“It’s going really well at the minute, I’m positive and everything is going pretty decent.”

Dack, who scored 10 goals this season before injury struck, is hoping to be ahead of schedule on his return, with a target of October set for possibly being back in action.

He has remained positive, despite the initial setback, and hopes to come back stronger than ever.

“I’m 12 weeks post operation on Monday, so three months,” he said in an interview with TalkSport.

“That’s the first third of it and the hardest part is probably the hardest bit from what I’ve heard.

“Those three months there’s not that much you can do in the gym for six weeks, you’re on the physio bed trying to get your movement back.

“So it’s been tough the first three months but now I’ve got that got that out of the way you can start seeing being out on the grass again, putting your boots back on and once you’re back outside time runs away with you.

“Everyone says you come back from this the best shape that you’re in so that’s what I’m working towards and hopefully when I do get back in six or seven months’ time I’ll be fitter and stronger than I ever was.”

Dack is Rovers’ representative in the Quaran-Team FIFA tournament, booking his place in round two on Tuesday, requiring a replay to overcome Stoke City’s Thibaud Verlinden. Tonight he faces Chris Stokes of Forest Green Rovers, looking to book a place in the last 32.

The games are being streamed live, with as many as 10,000 tuning in for Tuesday night’s virtual game, one Dack was more nervous for than any Championship fixture.

He said: “I was so nervous. It was obviously being streamed and I thought there would be a couple of hundred people watching, but then I looked up in the top corner of my screen and there was 10,000 people watching.

“My palms were so sweaty, I was so nervous and didn’t want to get battered.

“It was worse than a normal game, I felt more nervous playing FIFA at 8pm on a Tuesday than I do 3 o’clock on a Saturday.

“They were all watching, saying how bad I was.

“I didn’t have a PS4 until about two weeks ago when this happened so I just thought I’d have to go out and get one to help pass the time.

“My missus hasn’t been able to get off it to be fair. When I’m not in the gym I’m pretty much playing FIFA with my pals. I’ve got a lot of practice in.”