Rovers captain Elliott Bennett has thanked the NHS for their ongoing work to tackle the coronavirus during what he admits is ‘a crazy time’.

Strict Government guidelines prohibit anyone from leaving their home unless shopping for basic necessities, any medical need, travelling to and from work that can’t be done from home, and for one form of exercise per day.

Bennett has already led a helping hand to his local foodbank, shopping for essential goods, and has thanked all those on the frontline for their continued work.

That includes those in the health service, as well as delivery drivers, for who Bennett says ‘are the most important people’.

The 31-year-old, like the rest of the Rovers squad, continues to train at home with the players having not been to their Brockhall training base since the first postponement of matches on March 13.

The current Government guidelines will be enforced for at least three weeks, before being reviewed, and while far from an ideal situation, Bennett has stressed it’s vital they are followed in a bid to offer support to the NHS.

“It’s a tough time for everyone in the country and I’m just trying to keep my family safe,” he said in a video call with Rovers’ club website.

“Hopefully the virus can pass quickly and we can all get back to our daily lives.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this and it’s not something I’d wish to experience again. The uncertainty of what’s going on, how long it’s going to last, it’s not ideal.

“I can’t complain too much, because there are people out there fighting this with the NHS, the delivery drivers for the food shops who are keeping us all fed.

“They’re the most important people of course, helping keep people alive and trying to find a cure for this horrible virus.

“It’s a crazy time for everyone. The toughest thing for me as a footballer is missing training. But I appreciate that there are people in such tough situations.

“We know how lucky we are and know as a country how lucky we are to have the NHS.”

Bennett is a regular contributor on social media, interacting with supporters, as well as posting his views on the current situation.

It is his human qualities that have made him a popular figure at the club, and a key reason behind Tony Mowbray’s decision to hand him the captain’s armband.

He tweeted earlier this week: “The road ahead will be hard but it will be for the greater good of the country. Together we must do the right things to ensure we recover from this quickly! Stay safe with your loved ones.

“To all in the @NHSuk thank you for everything you do and are currently doing during this terrible crisis we are facing!

“Surely Government need to attempt to put some sort of finance package together for self employed non key workers? I understand why they are working if there is no guarantee of income. Take away financial burden and I’m sure the people in that situation will stay home.”

The football season is currently postponed until at least April 30, with eight of Rovers’ remaining nine games having been postponed.

Bennett accepts that even in the current climate football remains an essential part of life, but for the time being believes spending quality time with family, and doing everything to avoid spreading the virus, is the only priority.

In a message to supporters, he said: “Stay safe, look after your loved ones, enjoy being around your family if you’re not having to go to work now, spend as much time with them as you can.

“It’s really tough times for everyone, spend the most time you can with your family, stay safe and follow the Government guidelines because it’s done to make us all better.

“Even if you feel well yourself, you not going out might help another 10 people not get infected.

“Stay safe, enjoy the time with your family and hopefully see you soon.”