BEN Mee believes Burnley’s footballers have a duty of care to the community, particularly during the game’s enforced hiatus.

The COVID-19 pandemic means that Burnley’s last game of football was played on March 7, and it is not yet clear when fixtures will resume after the suspension was last week extended from April 4 until at least the 30th.

Clarets captain Mee said that although it was a “strange time” being away from the club, with uncertainty over their return, he reinforced the need for everyone to follow Government guidelines.

And Mee feels it is important that, as people in the public eye, they set a good example.

“We can be showing the way and show how to do the right things,” he said.

“We’ve got a massive responsibility to do that.”

Collections for the Burnley Community Kitchen foodbank were made at every home fixture, so with that supply on hold indefinitely, the Clarets players made a donation that was matched by the club.

Mee added: “It’s going to be a difficult time for many people and as much as we can help out we will.

“The club is fantastic around the town and around the community and the players wanted to do the little bit that we could.

“We realise it’s going to be a tough time and hopefully we can all get through this and come out the other side better and more together.”

Meanwhile, Mee revealed how he and his team-mates were coping during their period of self isolation and, as of Monday night, lockdown.

“We’ve been away from the training ground since last Wednesday. We’ve been in good contact with everyone and everyone seems okay,” the defender explained.

“It’s a strange time. I’ve been converting my garage into a temporary gym for myself and just trying to keep busy, watching Netflix and reading a few books, and I’ve got a two year old keeping me on my toes as well.

“Trying to keep healthy is a big part of what we do and we are trying to do that.

“We’ve been in contact with the sports science department at the club and we’ve got a programme to do.

“We’re going to be away from the training ground so we need to keep ourself fit and well until we can got back when it’s safe to do so. That’s the important thing, that it’s safe for us to leave our houses and go back to training.

“But until then we are following the guidelines about what we can do at the minute.”

Finally, Mee said his advice to supporters would be: “Stay safe, be patient, look after yourselves and just follow the guidelines.

“Everyone’s safety is in the forefront of our minds and that’s what we want to achieve.”