We asked our Rovers fans’ jury how they were filling the void of no sport during the coronavirus shutdown.


It's hard to keep your spirits up when you are self isolating, have hospital appointments and feel like you are living one of those disaster movies.

It's time to do all those things around the home that you have always found an excuse to avoid with sport being the furthest thing from my mind.

At times like these you are forced to recognise what are real priorities and what is entertainment. If the football season is cancelled with no specific outcomes then it will be worth it if lives have been saved.

Paul Yates

It's very eerie a life without football. Even in pre-season we are treated with pre-season matches and talk of transfers. In fact if ever we needed football it is now as it'd prove a positive distraction to the current climate.

However, there is more to life than football and these uncertain times are proving that.

I would normally take this opportunity to fulfil my ambition of writing a children's book or watching every film on Rotten Tomatoes all time Top 100 but with being in a job requiring me to remain in work and with twin boys arriving in a few weeks I think I'll be busy enough.

If this situation brings any positives then hopefully it will reinstall some nationally depleting family values.

My thoughts go out to everyone suffering physically, mentally or financially at this challenging time. Be kind to each other but also to yourselves.

Kelvin Wilkins

The void started to be filled when Netflix streamed The English Game which heavily features the early days of Blackburn Rovers and Darwen FC in the 1880's.

On a football point the thing that this "break" has really made me realise is that how difficult it must be to be a genuine Bury fan who have watched the club cease to exist, at least Rovers will play another game but the real Bury FC won't.

Andrew Robinson

For me, as cliche as it sounds, it would be spending time with my family and loved ones.

Football so often dominates my weekend, I don’t always find time to sit down with everyone I’d like to. At a time when football and sport rightly takes a back seat, I’m finding it nice to be able to see people I don’t always have time to see.

Failing that, I just simulate football on my PC. Football Manager has been getting a hammering recently, I sometimes need to remind myself that being a football manager is actually more then just a computer game, as I convince myself I could actually do a brilliant job.

If any of you have read my column, you’ll know that Mowbray quite often proves me wrong!

Tom Schofield