Match of the Day was back on Saturday (sort of), with Rovers getting more than a mere mention as Gary Lineker, Ian Wright and Alan Shearer all debated the ’10 best Premier League captains’.

But it was a man omitted from the shortlist, selected by the MOTD commentators, that caused one of the biggest discussion points.

Shearer questioned why Tim Sherwood, 25 years on from lifting the Premier League trophy with R, wasn’t included on the list that featured Leicester City’s Wes Morgan.

The former Rovers striker, himself on the shortlist, said: “Why haven't we got Tim Sherwood in here because he delivered for arguably the smallest club to ever win the Premier League?”

When the issue of Rovers’ budget that season, funded by Jack Walker was raised, Shearer scoffed: "That's irrelevant.”

Lineker and Wright weren’t in agreement, the latter going on to say: "You can't compare what Blackburn did, similar to what Manchester City are doing now, buying the best they could at that time.

"There's no way you're actually going to say that Tim Sherwood should be above Wes Morgan, particularly in the current climate with who's about at the moment.”

Shearer named John Terry as his No.1, with Wright opting for Roy Keane at the summit of his list.

The panel discussed what the best traits of a captain were, Wright believing ‘they should never dip below an eight out of 10’ while admitting that they didn’t always need to be liked by the dressing room.

That wasn’t the case with Sherwood however, as Shearer explained of the midfielder recently inducted in to Rovers’ Hall of Fame: “He was a great captain and everyone loved him.

“He was the crack of the dressing room, but everyone had the respect for him.

“He got on with everyone.

“The fans loved him, the manager, Sir Kenny Dalglish at the time, loved him.

“Anything that had to go to the manager he was the link man.”

Lineker wouldn't let Shearer have the last laugh though, keen to point out that Rovers did in fact make a £2m move for him prior to the arrival of Kenny Dalglish. 

"You do know they tried to buy me before you, don't you? It's true. I'm sorry, you were second choice, Al," he said.

Shearer: 1 Terry, 2 Keane, 3 Vieira, 4 Gerrard, 5 Adams, 6 Kompany, 7 Henderson, 8 Vidic, 9 Morgan, 10 Shearer.

Wright: 1 Keane, 2 Terry, 3 Adams, 4 Kompany, 5 Gerrard, 6 Vieira, 7 Morgan, 8 Vidic, 9 Henderson, 10 Shearer.

Match of the Day Top 10 is available on the BBC iPlayer.