Tony Mowbray says his preference would be to finish the current season but admits: ‘I’m thankful I don’t have to make that decision’.

Games have been postponed until at least April 3 due to the ongoing threat of Coronavirus, but the possibility of the league being declared null and void has been mooted.

That would bring about likely legal challenges, with teams battling for what would be lucrative promotions from their respective divisions, with others also facing the drop.

Liverpool are just two wins away from winning the Premier League while in the Championship, Leeds United appear on the brink of a return to the top flight after a 16-year wait.

The alternative, should the April 3 date not be met, would be for the season end to be pushed back, with games running in to the summer months, but that in turn raises many questions.

Asked for his preferred option, the Rovers manager said: “I think everyone would like to finish the current campaign. It doesn’t bear thinking about finishing the season without finishing the season.

“Just some amazing situations. If you’re a Leeds United supporter, player of staff member, West Bromwich Albion, or even Norwich, Liverpool, 30 years, it doesn’t bear thinking about. 

“I think we have to get the season finished, I heard today experts saying this virus might peak in early June, wow.

“Then we try and finish the last nine games we’re trying to get them done in six weeks. Are we still playing matches in mid-July just to get the season finished? I’m not sure.

“I’m thankful I don’t have to make that decision.

“I know some clubs have curtailed the season where it is now, I’m not sure that’s right or how that works. Some teams there, if you’re sat at the top of the league on the tip of promotion and that’s pulled away from you. It’s not worth thinking about.

“Liverpool need two wins for a first league title in 30 years after unbelievable consistency, will they have to play the games and find a way? Let’s find a way to see how it pans out.”

Rovers were due to host Bristol City last weekend, with trips to Wigan and Barnsley this week the two other games to have so far been suspended.

Mowbray's men themselves have play-off ambitions, currently sitting three points outside the top six.

There will be a fixture backlog when, or if, the season resumes, and Mowbray added: “I don’t know when Bristol City will be coming to Ewood.

“It has to be fitted in now, I would assume, between the Leeds game and the end of the season, at some stage.

“How we manage to fit three games in, with Wigan and Barnsley as well as Bristol City, we’ll wait and see. Whether the season gets extended or whether they just try and fit it in, we’ll wait and see.

“Whether in three weeks’ time the situation is actually worse than it is now and it just keeps getting pushed back, let’s wait and see.

“I don’t think anybody knows. Nobody’s got a crystal ball. Let’s bide by what the authorities tell us, but in the meantime, until we hear something, we’ll plan and prepare for the next game against Leeds United.”