Burnley boss Sean Dyche looked to the bigger picture with this weekend’s football schedule up in the air due to fears surrounding the coronavirus.

It has now been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation and it is uncertain whether any games will go ahead this weekend.

Dyche is due to take his side, unbeaten in their last seven in the Premier League, to Manchester City on Saturday.

"I know where football is in my life, let alone the grand scheme of life,” said the Clarets boss.

“If this is deemed a worldwide situation then football, all of a sudden, disappears slightly into the distance.

"But currently we can't control it and we certainly control the decisions that are made, we just have to be as professional as we can during this period and go with whatever is decided.

"It's not ideal, of course, but we know that health is more important than anything."

As for whether any of his players had shown any symptoms of the virus, Dyche added: "Not that we know of, everyone's fit and healthy."