WINGER Dwight McNeil says he is benefitting from the wit, and wisdom, of Ashley Westwood.

For while they share a common cause for the Clarets, a bit of healthy in-house competition is spurring the team-mates on in the battle for assists.

“Westy is a good character to play around,” said Burnley youngster McNeil.

“Last week when we were at Southampton there was a little stats piece,” which showed he was on five assists and I was on four. He ripped it out and put it in my (dressing room) spot. He reminds me of it every day.

“After training, every day, we focus on set-pieces and on Friday we take corners. We try to score from them. Westy’s scored two goals from corners, but the one last week was lucky! “He winds me up about it, but it’s a good rivalry that we have together.

“The competition drives you on a bit. Every day he comes in and reminds me. He tells me I’m a young lad and I should be out-doing him, which I understand. It’s good to have the rivalry that we have.”

But McNeil insists there is rapport as well as rivalry. “He’s helped me a lot. All the lads have helped me, but Westy and Chaz (Charlie Taylor) are the main two. All the lads have helped, but those two stand out for me.

“In terms of delivery I think Westy is unbelievable. He’s got a great technique, especially from dead balls from corners and free kicks. He’s a great player and he’s a good team-mate to have.”