ACCRINGTON Stanley's John Coleman thinks you have to take abuse and praise on social media with a pinch of salt.

Coleman feels sorry for Simon Grayson after he was axed as Blackpool manager on Wednesday and highlighted how the football business is cut-throat.

The Stanley boss admitted he is not on social media due to the amount of abuse that is thrown around by supporters.

"People tend to think it’s got more validity if it’s written. We’ve all been abused, and we’ve all been praised form the side-lines," said Coleman.

"You have to take them both with a pinch of salt. You’ve got to be able to take criticism; I get that. Fans should realise that it is a difficult job and when it comes to getting a team together.

"I’m a football fan and I raise my eyebrows when Jurgen Klopp picks his teams sometimes and that’s part and parcel of it. I wouldn’t dream of broadcasting it in all over the world.

"You’ve got to respect people’s positions and how they see people every day. Football is really a difficult business, it’s unbelievable to be in but it can be so cutthroat.

"It can be so disappointing; things can be totally out of your control and you just have to get on with it."

Grayson was backed in the winter transfer window, but he won't get the chance to use these players and Coleman sympathises with this.

"I feel for him to be honest; you make a lot of signings that you think will make a difference and then you’re not there to carry that out," Coleman added. "They’re a big club, Blackpool have had a lot of investment, a lot of problems off the pitch over the years, they seem to be getting back onto a firm footing and I’m sure there’ll be lots of people wanting to take Simon’s place.

"It highlights how difficult football management is and how fickle it can be.

"They went on an unbelievable run; they beat Fleetwood in early December to go right into the promotion challenge and then six weeks later you’re out the door.

"It’s such a volatile business and you can only try and do your best and hope people appreciate what you’re trying to do."

The Stanley boss believes everyone wants a quick fix in todays society and that isn't always the case in football.

"I think 34 managers have gone this season. We’re in that society now where everyone wants it instant," Coleman said.

"In the world of social media everyone knows how to do your job despite not being qualified for it or having day-to-day involvement with your players.

"Everyone knows what team you should pick, how you should handle them. They can broadcast it on social media and people think that becomes fact. Society is dangerous at the moment.

"Everyone wants an answer for something, and everyone has an answer for something. Everyone is able to broadcast it, that’s why I don’t go on social media."