TONY Mowbray says he had an input in the decision to house away fans in the upper tier of the Darwen End.

The move has split opinion with visiting supporters being situated in the upper tier unless they bring in excess of 2,000.

Preston North End had both the upper and lower tier, as will Leeds United later in the season. And while Mowbray admits there is no exact science behind the decision, he does feel it brings a benefit.

“When we go to away grounds they are sucking the ball in. Every corner is a massive event,” he said.

“I see that as a player you make eye contact with individuals, it intensifies you.

“I want to win football matches, I want to give our team the best possible chance. When they’re right behind the goal their players’ intensity goes from nine to 10.

“It made a difference to me as a player. When they’re up there you don’t have that connection. I would prefer the away fans up there.

“I understand the atmosphere and when Preston were here last time and filled the stand, Leeds will do, they are great days because footballers want to play in an atmosphere.

“I would prefer the days when they can’t fill this stand, it loosens off the intensity of their players.

“I can’t say that definitely happens, but I’ve been involved in football for 40 years and I know it made me want more to be the guy to clear the corner.

“If you do a poll and the fans want it, then it will go to Steve.

“I want atmosphere in the stadium. The people who come, they care, I want to give you a team you’re proud to support.”

Chief executive Steve Waggott says the decision has been questioned by the Rovers Trust, but added: “We call it a marginal gain, there’s no exact science to it.”