‘What did you make of Rovers’ failure to add in the January transfer window?’


I’m no surprised given that the owners were unlikely to cough up any more funds after the recent dubious lost millions.

Given our perilous financial situation why would they throw good money after bad.

That left only the loan market to be attacked and exploited which we singularly have failed to do. Such are the ridiculous demands of present day mediocre journeymen then we were probably second favourites to sign anybody.

Allied to this of course is the fact that Rovers are the unluckiest football team to ever grace the Football League having also to contend with someone sticking pins in a clay effigy of the club.

Horrific injuries to key players have now greatly inhibited any realistic aspirations for the play-offs. An old Lancashire truism is “it never rains but it pours” and Ewood Park quite obviously is situated in the flood plain.

Paul Yates


Of course it’s disappointing as a few new faces would have brought excitement to the club but bringing players in while keeping your principles and balancing the books is proving very challenging.

I have no doubt that efforts were made but it seems clubs hiked up prices and wage demands were in excess of our wage structure.

It’s easy to point fingers but Tony Mowbray seems damned if he doesn’t and damned if he does.

He’s criticised for being sensible and not meeting ridiculous demands and then forever vilified for spending big as he did on Ben Brereton and Sam Gallagher.

I do think Mowbray often suffers for his honesty and integrity as he won’t unsettle or approach players or simply tell them what they want to hear to get them through the door, but it’s also this decency that attracts the right characters to the club and maintains a together within the squad.

As long as he’s working on some incomings for the summer and broadening his searches and options so that we don’t put all our eggs in one Patrick Bauer then I’ll be satisfied.

Kelvin Wilkins


It was obviously disappointing to not add anyone during the January window. With our current injury problems, bringing in reinforcements would have been good.

Christian Atsu was obviously suggested, a player with his pedigree would have been a real statement of intent, so it’s a shame that it seems he made the decision to stay with Newcastle.

With that being said, it may give us the opportunity to blood some of the youngsters and give them first team opportunities.

They will come in hungry and hoping to make a point, with the current run in that may play into our hands. Here’s hoping my optimism isn’t misplaced.

Tom Schofield


In a financial sense we did add by bringing Charlie Mulgrew surprisingly in my opinion back into the fold and back onto the payroll which could well have took up a large part of the “spare” budget as he will be on a decent salary.

At the beginning of the month long window I was certain we would have added a new left back but Amari’i Bell in all fairness to him has knuckled down and has maybe saved the club some money this window.

While the window has been open midfield then became a top priority due to injuries to Bradley Dack, Corry Evans and Joe Rothwell and the day after it closed Lewis Holtby added to it but as one door closes another one opens and step up Joe Rankin-Costello.

From a FFP perspective it’s vital we balance the books and don’t incur a penalty deduction like Birmingham did last season. Tony Mowbray has trusted the youth so far therefore it’s fair we back him to do so again.

Andrew Robinson


Rovers January transfer window wasn’t too dissimilar to most other clubs in our division, only Fulham can be adjudged to have spent ‘big’ in reality.

My main concern with Rovers transfer business is the lack of clear direction in the summer, which has led to the issues faced last month.

If the policy is to bring in younger, more expensive players like Sam Gallagher and Ben Brereton, who may come good and be worth double in the future, then so be it, but to couple that with the free transfer for 30+ year olds like Stewart Downing and Bradley Johnson (two of the clubs highest earners now) is odd.

Yes you need experience to blend with youth, but our wage bill has taken a significant hit because of the policy. On the contrary the club could’ve said, yes, we’re going after Lewis Holtby, Bradley Johnson, Stewart Downing types, then we would’ve all said right okay, that’s the policy that’s fine.

I think the club need to think long and hard about a clear procedure going forward, we can’t half bake the Brentford theory, nor half bake the Fulham one either and go for broke. Summer will be the crucial window. Time will tell.

Joe Harvey