ACCRINGTON Stanley manager John Coleman was upset with referee's James Oldham's decision to give Joe Pritchard a second yellow card in the win over AFC Wimbledon on Saturday.

Pritchard was brought down by Joe Piggott inside the Wimbledon area and as the referee blew the whistle, everyone in the Wham Stadium expected him to point to the spot, but he showed the Stanley man a second yellow for simulation.

Coleman is unhappy with the decisions his side have been getting this season, but doesn't expect it to change anytime soon.

"We should be talking about a wonderful performance by our lads, scored a couple of cracking goals, defended well when we had to and passed the ball in difficult conditions," said Coleman after Saturday's win.

"Everyone will go home talking about the sending off which invited Wimbledon back into a game they were never in.

"I’m having this week in, week out. I didn’t enjoy the game after that sending off one bit. "The first booking is harsh to begin with and the second, instead of us getting a penalty to go 3-0 up, we’re down to 10 men.

"If this was an isolated incident then I could live with it, but I’m on the phone to Mike Jones every Monday morning. It’s becoming an arranged call now. Since the last six games, we’ve had eight major decisions go against us. We’ve had a penalty that was blatant turned down in the first half for handball."

Pritchard had a chance to go down in the box in the first half when he was clipped, but he stayed on his feet.

Coleman believes this shows the honesty of his player: "Joe’s got no need to go down. If he was going to be capable of diving then he would’ve done it just on half time when the lad’s had a swipe at him and clipped him, but he’s stayed up and let the keeper push it out for a corner.

"If he was that inclined, then he would’ve gone down then. It spoils your whole enjoyment of the game and it is spoiling my whole enjoyment of football.

"I can’t keep having these knock backs, I can’t keep having to put up with this. I can’t keep having to put up with an apology by Mike Jones on Monday morning saying that he realises that they’ve got it wrong.

"Last week we should’ve had two sent off against us, both proven by the assessors, bot recognised now by the referee.

"They’re getting more and more bizarre every week. One of their players assaults one of ours but we don’t know who it was so we can’t send him off.

"It’s as if it’s deliberately getting done, I know it’s not, but that’s the perception that you get. Each week you get a more bizarre decision go against you and I just can’t understand for the life of me why.

"It’s the same team who’s on the brunt of it every week and that cant keep happening, but it is.

"I have the same conversation with Mike Jones on Monday morning, and it happens again the following week and the week after. We can’t be that unlucky."